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Two Telltale Games Titles May Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
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The Nintendo Switch has been on the receiving end of a lot of positive praise from the consumer market and sales have been huge for Nintendo the first week out for the Switch. Quite naturally, this led to people asking various companies if their games would be appearing on the Switch, including Telltale.

According to Gamespot, two European outlets have listed physical copies for Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series and Batman: The Telltale Series for the Nintendo Switch. In addition to this, Newegg also supposedly listed Guardians of the Galaxy for the Nintendo Switch as well.

When pressed for comment, Telltale sent a standard press statement to Gamespot indicating what the plans were for Guardians of the Galaxy, stating...

Guardians of the Galaxy is slated to premiere digitally in 2017 on consoles, PC, and mobile devices.

Gamespot astutely noted that "consoles" doesn't necessarily specify whether or not the Nintendo Switch is included in that line-up. So it doesn't verify nor rule out a Switch release.

One of the big criticisms of Nintendo's early launch of the system so far is that it doesn't have enough games. Nintendo has responded in kind by indicating that they have a series of titles on the horizon through the spring, summer and fall to fill out the console's library, including Arms, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey.

However, a lot of people are criticizing the Switch for its lack of third-party support as well. A system can't live on first-party exclusives alone, and Nintendo likely knows this. They did announce various partnerships with many large AAA publishers both Eastern and Western, so perhaps one of those deals was to bring over Telltale's titles to the Switch?

Having games like The Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series on the Switch along with Batman: The Telltale Series could be a huge, huge boon to the console's appeal for many casual or adventure game fans. It's a demographic that moves big numbers, as evident with Telltale's The Walking Dead and Dontnod Entertainment's Life is Strange, but it's a tough market to crack. Appealing to those kind of gamers with the option of playing on Nintendo's hybrid home console and portable device could instantly open up Telltale to additional sales and give Nintendo a huge boost in the console's appeal.

Of course, the big issue now is that there's no confirmation that these Telltale titles are actually coming to the Nintendo Switch. It's possible that Telltale is waiting for a more solid window of opportunity to announce them when the Switch's retail stock has balanced out and shortages have been stemmed.

The Nintendo Switch is available right now, but most outlets in the U.S. and Japan have been sold out since March 3rd. So far the system has moved 1.5 million units in its first week according to SuperData, so by the time Telltale makes any official announcements about their games coming to the Switch (assuming they do) then the system could have several million units out in the wild.

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