The One For Honor Emote You Might Actually Want

Ubisoft's For Honor has a lot of unlockable gear and goodies, just like Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. Well, one of the things you can unlock in the game is an emote, and there's one particular emote you'll definitely want to get. It's actually useful, check it out.

That's right, the emote allows you to do a backward flip and dodge attacks. It's an extremely useful tactic assuming you can time it right. Kotaku reported that the gif comes from Reddit user TheRealCrayfish.

The name of the For Honor emote is "Flip Out" and it will cost you 3,000 steel if you want to unlock it and add it to your arsenal.

You can gain steel by completing matches, going through the campaign mode and upgrading your character. You can use this to unlock a number of emotes and abilities for your character, opening up new ways to attack, as well as nifty ways to express yourself.

In the case of the "Flip Out" emote, it's more than just a way to express yourself, it's also a way to dodge enemy attacks.

Kotaku tried it as well, but the results weren't quite as spectacular. Timing, animation start times and latency all play a role in how effective the backflip can actually be when you're using it during combat. Even still, the small gif up above shows just how well it can work when you time it right and use it during some heated moments in For Honor, it can actually help save your life and make the fight look super cool.

A lot of people in the comment section began breaking down the science of the move, speculating that there's likely a few invulnerability frames during the animation set once it gets going. Of course, you would have to test this with a move that arcs downward or swings upward during the actual flip to see if that's really the case.

It could be that certain frames render the user invulnerable. Others suspect that the frames in conjunction with proper lag timing made it possible for the player to dodge attacks.

Others are just appreciative of the fact that it appears as if the move fits in perfectly with the flow of the combat, and they love the little addition to For Honor.

I'm actually now curious how well this would work when playing against bots or the AI during the single-player campaign mode? Would it be possible to flip over and dodge Apollyon's attacks during that final battle sequence?

It seems like a tough challenge to pull off, but moves like this will definitely give For Honor some extra replayability and shelf life amongst YouTubers looking to experiment and raise the skill level of their combat tactics.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.