This Story Of EVE Online Revenge Is The Greatest Thing Ever

EVE Online
(Image credit: CCP)

One of the most emergent games on the market today is CCP's EVE Online. The game never ceases to provide gamers with player-driven story opportunities, sort of like the one about the small group of newbies who plotted revenge against a troll over the course of four years.

Over on the EVE Online sub-Reddit, user FuiamDave wrote out a detailed encounter he had with another user during his four-year journey of playing EVE Online. Dave and some other newbies joined up together and advertised their group as a place for beginners. This is what Dave considered to be their first major mistake.

With the newbies attempting to get their bearings in EVE Online, another user named Kackpappe ended up waging war against the newbs. Not only that but this daily harassment went on for months, as the newbies tried their darndest to overcome the wrath of Kackpappe, a veteran who had already been playing the game for three years.

Eventually, the war subsided and the newbs had a sound understanding of how EVE Online worked. Dave vowed that one day he would get revenge against Kackpappe, and "take everything" from him. They began carving out their own little corner of the galaxy, making money and building up their resources.

Dave began specializing in PvP warfare; he adapted to his environment and worked on honing his craft of solo PvP. He eventually got good enough to join with a few other friends and form a mercenary alliance group, guns for hire to take down other star craft or weaken the edges of a corporation.

After years of training, scratching and clawing his way up the ranks, Dave and the rest of his mercenary crew were finally established... until one day they encountered someone looking to be recruited into a corporation.

There was a fellow who had fallen out with his previous corporation, and they were at odds with each other. It was none other than Kackpappe, the German merc who terrorized them as newbies.

Dave saw this as the perfect opportunity to finally exact his revenge.

He had been training in EVE Online all this time, getting good at PvP, acquiring resources and making connections. This was finally his moment.

Dave couldn't do it alone, and he had to convene with the rest of his mercenaries in order to get them to help him carry out his ultimate revenge. They were reluctant at first because they weren't an evil outfit, but they could feel the weight of his intentions, and knew that he would do it with or without them. So they agreed to help.

Dave changed his in-game name and managed to recruit Kackpappe into their group. They used the tension between Kackpappe and the previous corporation he was aligned with in order to seal the deal, pretending to be his allies.

After luring Kackpappe into a trap, they destroyed everything he had and looted all of his earnings that he had accrued over the course of seven years. Dave reverted his name back to the original handle he had when Kackpappe first started terrorizing him, and before logging out, Kackpappe acknowledged that he had been defeated by the newb who vowed revenge on him four years prior.

The whole ordeal is pretty crazy to think about... the amount of time and effort it took to pull off the scheme; four years. Kackpappe later e-mailed Dave and apologized about his harassing ways many years ago. Kackpappe acknowledged that he was wrong and that he had no hard feelings against Dave but that he would probably hang up his space boots in EVE.

Dave, meanwhile, made peace with Kackpappe and decided to share the story on Reddit to let people know that sometimes sweet karma comes in the form of a four-year long revenge plot, and sometimes it does pay off.

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