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EVE Online Hyperion Update Explores New Territory With Wormholes

All of you space explorers cruising around the EVE Online universe have plenty to look forward to, as CCP Games announces the launch of the Hyperion expansion, which brings additional agent missions and wormholes to the game.

CCP’s massively multiplayer space game, EVE Online, has gathered quite the following over the years, drawing in millions of gamers who love to manage stats and resources as they move from star system to star system in order to discover raw materials, buy and sell goods and, of course, turn their enemies into space dust.

With the Hyperion expansion, the lore of the digital world is expanded with a bit of trouble courtesy of a group called the Burner pirates.

“Trained by the five pirate factions, these lone criminals hide behind space gates that only frigate-class ships can activate, making for a fresh alternative to the battleship warfare that dominates high-level agent missions,” reads the announcement from CCP. “These optional but lucrative new missions mimic the type of battle more often found between players.”

The Hyperion update also offers some big changes to wormhole effects. This particular mechanic was introduced years ago, allowing players to randomly jump into unknown territory if they were in the market for a little adventuring. This latest update will enhance that experience, beginning with new wormhole connections across the universe and Black Holes serving to immediately teleport you into a fast-skirmish environment.

CCP highlighted additional changes to the wormhole system but, honestly, it was all a bit over my head. Once you start talking about “changes in the mass calculations of ships” in relation to their trafficking through wormholes, my head starts to spin a bit. But my understanding is that regular players of EVE Online absolutely eat that sort of stuff up, so there’s something to be excited for!

According to EVE Executive Producer Andie Nordgren, Hyperion is actually just the tip of the iceberg for the coming months.

“Hyperion brings the first of many upcoming changes to core parts of EVE Online that let players explore the New Eden universe and clash with its inhabitants,” Nordgren said. “Missions, wormhole exploration, and incursions are an integral part of EVE’s player-driven vicious cycle of harvesting, creation and destruction, with players of all levels sewing the fabric of our massive universe with their ambitions.”

But don’t think it’s all wormholes and new enemies. What kind of update would Hyperion be if it didn’t have some of the usual fiddly bits plugged in for good measure? You can also expect additional ship and module balancing, improved user interface, new gear and more. Just the latest in an effort to shift from two major expansions per year to 10 smaller, more regular patches annually, expect to hear more about the ever-changing world of EVE Online soon.

Looking for more details on the game? Then visit the official website and dive right in. Or, if you’re interested in the universe but prefer shooting dudes with guns, there’s always the companion title, Dust 514.

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