The Fate Of The Furious Trailer With Mario Kart Characters Is Hilarious

With Fate of the Furious finally hitting theaters, some creative YouTubers decided it would be a fun idea to reimagine the film's trailer with the cast of Mario Kart. The results were pretty fantastic.

When I first saw the title "Mario Kart 8 -- Fast and Furious Edition Trailer," I assumed I'd be watching one of those videos where the audio from the original Fate of the Furious trailer was dropped in the background of Mario Kart 8 footage that kinda-sorta matches up. Turns out The Warp Zone took the project quite a bit further, instead acting out the scenes in live action and splicing them with clips from the original trailer. Throw in some creative CGI and you've got yourself something special.

Any fan-made video that opens with Toad dropping a Bob-omb on a bunch of goons while Luigi shouts "holy shit" is already golden in our book. Anyone who has already seen the Fate of the Furious trailer will instantly recognize half of all of these scenes, but it's pretty great seeing the cast of Mario Kart dropped in for good measure. It all takes an unexpected turn when Mario starts making out with Wario but, hey, whatever gets the job done.

The dialogue from the trailer is altered to fit in with the Mario Kart lore (can we call it lore?) but, otherwise, everything is basically unaltered. A handful of Nintendo-y sound effects are dropped in to help keep the mood light, along with the ingenious inclusion of a Super Star being used when Evil Mario has to break free of a bunch of tethers.

Unless we're mistaken, the trailer posits that Waluigi is the baddie who joins the good guys on this quest to defeat their former leader, and Toad's voice is appropriately annoying-as-hell throughout. Another great moment comes in the trailer's climax when, while racing across a field of ice (Something Mario Kart players have been doing for many years), you can also spot series weapons flying about, like banana peels and turtle shells. And then there's the line where Toad asks why everyone is attacking him and Princess Peach offers "Maybe because you're in first place." Yeah, that's absolutely perfect. The only thing missing is a blue shell hitting the ground right before the massive explosion goes off.

We've got to hand it to The Warp Zone, they did a bang-up job with their Mario-infused take on Fate of the Furious. But now that's got us wondering, what other movie trailer might benefit from a little Mario love? Let us know your recommendations in the comments below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.