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One Of Overwatch's Best Lines Was Actually An Accident

Overwatch Mei

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Sometimes the best things in life are actually happy accidents. This actually applies to Blizzard's ever-so-popular competitive first-person shooter, Overwatch, where one of the best lines was actually an accident during the recording of some lines in the game for one of the title's most popular characters.

According to Polygon, during the Tribeca Games Festival senior game designer Michael Chu, who worked on Overwatch, explained that one of the game's most beloved voice lines from the character Mei was actually an accident on behalf of the voice actress, Zhang Yu.

Chu explains...

The actress [Zhang Yu] just made a mistake and was saying 'Sorry, sorry, sorry.' And I turned to the engineer and asked, 'Did you get that?' And he was like, 'Yep,' and I was like, 'Send that to me.'


Sometimes the best stuff comes from unintentional mishaps, and, in this case, a lot of people love Mei's apologetic gesture towards her opponents as she's blasting them down and taking their names in Overwatch.

The addition of the non-scripted event is something that actually worked out well for the team and the overall popularity of Mei in the game.

As mentioned by Polygon, players have the ability to whip out the string of "Sorry" lines from Mei during a fight, which gives the character and game a bit of extra color during a match in Overwatch. You can hear the line for yourself with the video below that demonstrates the not-so-improvised line from YouTube user Link Khor.

A lot of people really loved the line so much, especially because many of them feel that Zhang Yu's earnestness and authenticity to being an actually sweet person in real life translated well to helping bring Mei to life in Overwatch.

Most people feel as if Yu was perfect to voice Mei, since the character in the game is an environmentalist, fighting to stop climate change and to preserve the environment from harmful threats.

Mei was one of the members of the Overwatch ecology team, assigned to the Watchpoint group in Antarctica.

A lot of people enjoy her jovial personality and cheerful demeanor. She uses cryo-based weapons not unlike Mr. Freeze from the Batman series. Both characters use portable cryogenic weapons that can freeze objects and people, and both use their weapons for personal objectives. However, unlike Mr. Freeze, Mei is a lot more friendly and doesn't intend to cause harm but is attempting to prevent further harm both to others and the environment in Overwatch. So, how fitting is it that the voice actress' unintentional string of apologies made it into the game for a character who is all about saving and preserving life instead of taking it?

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.