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Blizzard's promotional campaign for Overwatch has taken on an oversized endeavor in the form of giant action figures spread out around the world, with some of these figures showing up in Paris, France; Busan, South Korea; and one that popped up in Hollywood, California featuring Tracer.

According to Gamespot, the above video was captured by the president of CSUF eSports, Jeremy Wan, who posted up the capture on one of his Twitter accounts called BlueJacket. The video quickly heads around the front, side and back of a giant box containing a larger-than-life action figure of the time-manipulating speedster, Tracer.

The Overwatch heroine has her two guns, along with one of her sayings on the back that reads “Cheers, love! The Calvary's here.”

The box details Tracer's three special abilities, along with her biography, showing her real name, her location and some of her hobbies.

On the side of the box there's a message that says “Find All Three” with a faded message that further reads “Gigantic heroes are popping up all around the world! See them all!”

It's true that some of them are popping up all over the world. Gamespot points to a Reddit thread where user _AndroNeo posted an image from a super-sized version of the cyborg ninja, Genji. His box and details are in French, which is no surprise.

The cyborg ninja actually turned out to be one of the most played characters I encountered during the Overwatch beta, along with Bastion and Reaper. Most people played Bastion for his turret, and they were always the player of the game. Reaper and Genji were more of the skill-based characters and I'm sure a lot of people love the way both characters look. There's no denying that Genji looks like he comes right out of Metal Gear Solid, so it's no surprise that whether players are good with him or not, many will likely pick him based on aesthetic appeal alone.

The third character to pop up is Pharah, the mech-clad fighter with the cool blue suit. She was rarely played during the Overwatch beta from what I observed; Widowmaker and Tracer were definitely the two more popular characters.

According to the post on Gamespot, the Pharah action figure is expected to go live later in the day in South Korea, where Overwatch is likely to be a pretty huge deal given how big eSports is over in South Korea and given how big Blizzard's games are in the region, such as StarCraft II, Diablo and Heroes of the Storm.

These action figures are just part of a long line of somewhat excessive marketing that Blizzard has put into Overwatch. But it's no surprise they're going all out at this point given that the game launches on May 24th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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