New Overwatch Video Shows The Lore Behind The Game

Blizzard recently talked about the lore behind Overwatch, explaining some of the motivations behind the characters, the groups, and the world in which they inhabit. The game takes place after several conflicts and both the formation and the disbandment of the Overwatch unit. Check the video explaining it below.

IGN reposted the video interview they conducted with some of the team behind Overwatch, where they explain the lore to the game, how the Omnix robots waged war with the humans, how conflict around the globe caused civil unrest, and how the U.N., eventually got together to create a colorful spinoff of NATO called Overwatch.

The Overwatch division is composed of scientists, soldiers, and bright minds from around the world, each one offering something a little different and unique to the group; from Winston's scientific genius to Tracer's manipulation of time, each member of the Overwatch team helped protect society from various dangerous groups.

It is explained in the video how the Overwatch agents became peacekeeping celebrities after defeating the Omnix, but eventually the group fell out of favor with the public and the group was shut down. They explain in the video that the game of Overwatch starts after the group was shut down, and it picks up after Winston's short film that shows him calling the group back together after more catastrophic events start happening around the globe.

The team in the above video explain how they came up with some of the characters on the fly, while others were spawned from gameplay mechanics, and a few more were tweaked and worked out through constant iteration.

There's a deep and rich story behind each of the characters and the world of Overwatch, but you won't find it in the actual game. Instead Blizzard has been releasing short films for Overwatch to give gamers a sense of background on the characters and the game world. The short films are all done for this particular season, but Blizzard plans on releasing more for the second season of the game, although I'm not sure if that means next year or if it means when the competitive eSports season for the game ends.

According to a previous post, the seasons will last around two to three months, so maybe three months from now we'll see the release of a few more shot films for Overwatch to offer more backstory and details on the characters in the game.

One of the biggest complaints or requests from gamers is to experience a story mode for the game, or at least get a full length feature film based around Overwatch. Given that Activision and Blizzard have opened up their own movie and television production studio, I'm guessing that it's not too far fetched to assume that something could be in the works for the game set for the silver screen, or at least the streaming screen.

Overwatch is available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.