How To Kill Jason In The Friday The 13th Game

Friday The 13th: The Game
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One of the most popular new non-AAA games to release is Illfonic and Gun Media's Friday The 13th: The Game. The third-person survival game features a group of camp counselors trying to survive an attack from Crystal Lake's infamous killer, Jason Voorhees. Well, there's actually a way to kill the horror icon.

IGN actually has up an in-depth guide on how to kill Jason once and for all during a match. I know this seems impossible given that in Friday The 13th: The Game most people just run, hide and attempt to flee at a moment's notice. Well, if you follow a series of steps, it's actually possible to do away with the Crystal Lake killer. There are apparently seven steps to follow.

Step 1: Find The CB Radio

The first thing you have to do is find the CB radio and use it to contact Tommy, one of the only few characters from the Friday The 13th series who survived multiple run-ins with Jason. Have Tommy come to the camp to help you.

*Step 2: Have One Counselor Leave Or Die *

Have one of your teammates die or escape from the camp. It's likely easier to have them die. Feed them to Jason and when they die they'll have the option of respawning as Tommy.

Step 3: Get The Sweater For A Female Counselor

Get the sweater from Jason's house. This sweater allows the female counselor to activate a special ability to stun Jason briefly. This can only be done once per match, so use it wisely. The sweater will cue Jason's mother's voice, causing him to become stunned briefly.

Step 4: Knock The Mask Off Jason

You'll need a large blunt weapon and you'll need to get extremely close to Jason and hit him square in the face. You need to hit him hard enough to knock the mask off completely. Tommy can pick up and put on the mask, but it's completely optional. Just make sure that the mask is off of Jason.

*Step 5: Stun Jason Using The Sweater *

Once the villain of Friday The 13th has been de-masked, use the female counselor with the sweater to stun Jason while standing near him.

Step 6: Beat The Living Crap Out Of Jason

Grab all the weapons you can (or make sure you have plenty of them on-hand once you use the sweater to stun Jason). Proceed to beat the living crap out of Jason until he falls to his knees. Do this while he's stunned.

Step 7: Tommy Needs To Interact With Jason

While Jason is on his knees, have Tommy go up to him and press the action button on Jason to trigger the cut-scene and watch as Tommy kills Jason for good.

Hopefully, that little guide helped you out in killing Jason. It's been mentioned that those on stream have been trying to do this since forever, but some streamers on Twitch managed to work their magic by teaming up together and taking out Jason in Friday The 13th: The Game for good.

The thing is, it's likely just as hard to kill Jason as it is to find the necessary items and just escape. I suppose if they add more stages and make the maps bigger it might be easier to kill Jason than to escape, especially if they mirror a map off of the Friday the 13th movie where Jason goes to Manhattan.

Will Usher

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