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Marvel's Spider-Man

Fans of the character Spider-Man are experiencing a great time where the web-slinging friendly neighborhood super hero is making a comeback to the big screen under the Marvel Entertainment banner and with a new PS4 exclusive, and there's an extra reason for comic book fans to be happy.

That's right, there will be multiple Spidey costumes for players to unlock in the game. Unfortunately we don't know exactly what the costumes will be. According to the Insomniac Games Twitter account, the only thing that was confirmed was that Spider-Man in the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man will feature alternate outfits for Spider-Man to don.

Even though we don't know what the other costumes will be like, this actually isn't a new thing for the Spider-Man games. In fact, as far back as the original Spider-Man game on the PlayStation One, the web-head was capable of utilizing different outfits. As players moved through the story and began unlocking new story chapters or completing specific tasks. Unlocking the costumes in the old games was a little like how earning trophies or achievements is in today's games.

The cool part about it is that Neversoft's Spider-Man on the PSX and N64 featured costumes with special bonuses. Each outfit enabled Spider-Man to take full advantage of the outfit, as it was presented in the comic books or the Saturday morning cartoon.

This trend usually stayed present in the games all the way up to most of the recent ones. In fact, there was a game literally themed around the different Spider-Mans and their alternate play-styles attached to their different costumes. The name of the game was Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and it came out for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 back in 2010. Beenox had designed the game around dimensional rifts that allowed players to hop into the personality and life-style of four distinct Spider-Man incarnations.

The cool part about Shattered Dimensions was that each Spider-Man had completely different abilities, affording players a variety of options in how they played the game and progressed through the levels. The suit bonuses really added a layer of versatility and variety to the overall gameplay.

Since we don't know if the costumes in Marvel's Spider-Man will have different bonuses, effects, or options, it's tough to tell what Insomniac Games will do with the title, and whether it will be like the older games where each suit give Spider-Man a different ability. Alternatively it might be one of those things where you can just change his outfit, similar to what Rocksteady did with Batman in the Batman: Arkham games.

In Rocksteady's titles you could unlock or access different outfits for Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman and Harley Quinn, but they didn't actually do anything in the game other than change the characters' visual look.

Marvel's Spider-Man is still a long ways off from release, but at least we're learning a little bit about Insomniac's game leading up to release.

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