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Electronic Arts has several Star Wars projects in the works, one of which is a story-driven game being worked on at Visceral under the creative leadership of Naughty Dog alum Amy Hennig. Supposedly some new info regarding the game's story has leaked out onto the interwebs.

Typically this means that there's going to be a Spoiler Warning just in case any of the information turns out to be true. The source is but it doesn't exactly say where the information comes from other than that the author "heard a few interesting things", so I would say take everything regarding the game a grain of salt.

With that said, the rumored story for Visceral's untitled Star Wars game will center around a character named "Dodger", who picked up the nickname because he dodged the Imperial Draft and left his home of Alderaan to avoid being conscripted into service for the Empire. "Dodger" will supposedly be played by Todd Stashwick, who played Black Mask in Gotham, Deacon in the 12 Monkeys the Syfy TV show, and Father Kieran O'Connell from the CW show The Originals.

After dodging out of joining the Empire's army, "Dodger" makes his way into the criminal underworld where he learns the tricks of the trade surviving in the proverbial seedy underbelly of the galaxy, which sounds awfully similar to the story of Star Wars: 1313.

The story takes place between Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode V -- The Empire Strikes Back. After the Empire destroys Alderaan with the Death Star from the first movie, they decide to enact a search and destroy campaign using a "survivor list", and "Dodger" is on that list.

This is where the story gets both complicated and intriguing. With bounties put out on the survivors, it means criminals looking to make a quick buck will be after individuals like "Dodger". This also means that people like "Dodger" have an opportunity to make a buck helping out the Rebels, even while being hunted by former friends and the Empire.

Based on what's mentioned in the article, "Dodger" will be joined by various compatriots throughout his journey and he will have a series of weapons and equipment themed around dual-wielding a grapple stick and a blaster pistol. The stick is described as a light-whip, so I can only imagine it might be similar to the one from Johnny Mnemonic? Anyway, the blaster pistol and whip will work together as a combo weapon set, with players being able to whip and trip up foes and then use the blaster pistol to finish them off. It reminds me a little bit of how Isaac took down foes in Dead Space, using the laser cutter to dismember the necromorphs arms or legs and then a slightly beefier weapon to finish them off.

There will supposedly be different variants of the whip and blaster pistol, and the article hints at DLC giving players a variety of options to mess around with when it comes to "Dodger"'s arsenal. Given Electronic Arts' track record for DLC that actually doesn't sound surprising at all.

The article also mentions that a large part of the story will involve taking on an opportunity to work for Jabba The Hutt, but that won't be detailed until a future post. Supposedly, working for Jabba will give "Dodger" an opportunity to buy himself off the Imperial "survivor list".

It's impossible to tell if this is in anyway true or just some really elaborate fan-fiction, but since Disney seems to want to keep the game stories behind the story that's unfolding with the new trilogy, it doesn't seem surprising at all that the story would be yet another in-between take on the lore from the original trilogy.

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