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Check Out ARMS First DLC Character

Nintendo promised that it would release new content for ARMS on a regular basis. It has definitely delivered in the form of the free spectator mode, and now it's time to prep for the July DLC with the first free playable character due out later in the month for the Nintendo Switch.

The trailer went live over on the official Nintendo of Japan YouTube channel, featuring a minute and a half worth of gameplay with Max Brass beating the crap out of various other pugilists on the ARMS roster.

Max's motif seems to be a cross between a boxer and a wrestler. His stage sits high atop the city skyline, overlooking the bustling urban metropolis below, while the audience looks on from the stands. The egomaniac has a giant brass statue fixated above the fighting area, hewn and hammered into the shape of his face.

The boss character from the fighting game's Grand prix mode has a brass fist atop his head, while wearing a body-hugging spandex outfit and boxing boots.

Max has three different sets of default arms, including boxing gloves that can transform and emit purple energy current that does extra damage to opponents. His second set of fists consist of grenade-looking hands that unsurprisingly blow up upon impact with an opponent after they're charged up. The grenade fists are even capable of busting through the larger set of arms donned by characters such as the Mummy.

Max's third and final default set of arms consists of cylindrical hammer fists. They're basically designed to clobber and destroy. Basic attacks with the hammer fists see Max taking swipes at the ground and not necessarily his opponent. However, due to their size they can easily do some damage catching anyone unlucky enough to move in their path. Charging the fists up is where the real action takes place and the special ability of the new ARMS character comes into play. The charges results in an aftershock being sent out that can knock an opponent off their feet. I can easily see the hammer fists being a real game changer in the online PvP bouts.

The real standout feature that helps Max separate himself even further from the rest of the ARMS roster is the fact that he can grow in size.

His special ability allows him to grow into a hulking behemoth, dishing out even more damage than usual. His powered up special sees him throwing a flurry of punches at his foes, not unlike many of the other characters.

According to Nintendo producer, Mr. Yabuki, the developers will continue to roll out new DLC for ARMS throughout the year, and the new characters are specifically designed to give players someone new to learn how to play, and challenges someone new to learn how to defeat. The verdict is still out on whether or not ARMS is truly e-sports ready, but the spectator mode that dropped in late June combined with new characters like Max Brass arriving infrequently, could end up making it a low-key success in the competitive gaming community.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.