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The second set of DLC for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn't just challenge content. Nintendo is stepping up their game and adding more story-oriented filler to further explore and expand on the backstory of one of the game's key characters: Zelda.

The post over on the official Nintendo Twitter account revealed 17 seconds of in-development footage for the second piece of DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it will focus on... Zelda.

It's a little bit of an odd decision and there's a lot of mixed reactions to the news on the Twitter thread. A lot of people were asking to play as Zelda. However, previously executive producer Eiji Aonuma mentioned that Zelda isn't a fighter or a warrior, and this is firmly established within Breath of the Wild's lore where she's portrayed as more of a thinker, planner and caretaker over her people. Link and the other four champions were designated as Hyrule's champions and Zelda's guardians. Link, in particular, was assigned to protect and watch over Zelda as she made preparations to face off against Ganon's forces.

According to the developers, this fits in with the Triforce theme of the game: Ganon represents power, Zelda represents wisdom, and Link represents courage. Aonuma explained that if Zelda was playable and became a warrior, there would be no purpose for Link, since Zelda would embody both the courage and the wisdom element of the Triforce. Some argued that Link could be moved off into another role while Zelda should become playable.

Others in the Twitter thread preferred the option of being able to play as the Hyrulian champions. **Spoilers Ahead** fans hoped that the backstory content would allow them to find out more about the four champions and possibly play as them before they met their demise at the hands of Ganon during his preemptive attack.

One of the odd things about this news is that the actual core story of Breath of the Wild actually already centers around Zelda. Link is just a sidekick as she goes on an adventure to unlock the power of the Triforce. Majority of the story takes place in flashbacks leading up to Ganon destroying Hyrule. Zelda and the King butt heads over her role in the kingdom, as she wants to do more practical planning to stop Ganon while her father goads her into unlocking the power of the Triforce. We don't really learn much in the way of how Link was chosen to be her bodyguard, and very little of his story is explored. We do get some decent backstory on the other four champions, though.

For the most part it will be interesting to find out exactly what aspects of Zelda's story they explore in the DLC. Hopefully it covers the parts between Link's death and her having him transported to the Temple of Resurrection, and how she actually managed to detain Ganon for a hundred years.

There's a lot of lore to cover inThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U, so we'll see just how far down the rabbit hole Nintendo goes. One thing is for sure, you'll still be playing as Link, even though he'll be diving deeper into Zelda's backstory.

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