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Where Nintendo's Quality Of Life Product Currently Stands

Nintendo QOL Device
(Image credit: Nintendo)

A long time ago, in an announcement far, far away, Nintendo claimed that they had a quality of life product in development to help make your life better, easier, and of much higher quality. Well, some new information has surfaced regarding where the company is with the product.

According to Gamespot, the QoL product is still heavy in development. In fact, after looking over the fiscal 2017 report, the site noted that the QoL device is still in the research and development phase, which means that it won't be releasing anytime soon this year.

Originally the device was announced back during former CEO Satoru Iwata's reign, where Nintendo was going through a phase of experimenting with some new and advanced technologies. At the time a lot of people thought that it would have something to do with an attachment of some kind for the Wii U, or perhaps that it was being made in association with -- at the time -- the Nintendo Switch.

However, as time progressed it became fairly obvious that the QoL product had nothing to do with the Wii U, and after the Nintendo Switch was announced late last year, rumors and any sort of attachment to that device was also squashed.

Speculation still ran rampant about whatever the device was, but according to Gamespot, it may have something to do with measuring the quality of your sleep patterns. The device doesn't have any details whatsoever on how it functions, but it's supposedly some kind of sleep sensor that can measure your breathing patterns, your heart-rate and the amount of movement you make while you sleep in order to gauge the quality of your sleeping habits.

The gimmick for this device is that it's able to make these adjustments and calculations without ever having any kind of physical contact with your body.

Supposedly the device will be designed to improve your sleeping habits in a "fun manner" where you're also able to gauge and gain the status of your fatigue through "services based on this information".

The device will supposedly gather the data using non-contact radio frequencies and transmit this data, presumably to Nintendo's QoL cloud servers.

It's an odd sounding device because there's no mention of what the actual benefits are to using it. We know that it can help tell you how often you may toss and turn at night... but then what? How exactly will you know what to fix or how? What if you have a bad dream? It obviously can't account for that nor could it actually know. What if it gets chilly and you don't have enough covers on? What if your socks get itchy? What if you forgot to shave and spend all night scratching your face?

There are a ton of variables that can determine why someone may not get a good night's rest. Then again, maybe this is why the device is still in development.

There's currently no ETA on when Nintendo plans to roll out this new device, but if it doesn't have some sort of attachment to one of its portable or gaming products, like the Switch, 3DS, 2DS or anything else in the making, then it may be a tough sell on the consumer market.

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