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Watch New Gameplay Footage Of Nintendo's Bulb Boy

There's a new video floating around of a game designed for the Nintendo Switch called Bulb Boy. It's a creepy adventure game available on the Nintendo eShop, featuring an off the cuff point-and-click adventure. 24 minutes worth of gameplay footage was released, which you can check out right here.

The 24 minutes worth of gameplay was posted up over on the YouTube channel Nintendo Hall. It covers only the first half hour of the game, so you can get an idea of what its like.

The game has an odd green-hued palette, and players start the game by watching television. It's then possible to switch the television stations or unplug the TV. The point-and-click nature of the game really encourages players to experiment and explore, just like many other point-and-click titles, like D4 or Thimbleweed Park.

The Bulb Boy manages to take his grandfather's dentures and throw them in the water, get his pet to fly with him into the kitchen and mess around with a power glove on the floor.

After Bulb Boy and his pet leave the room, a black mass enters into the living room with his grandfather. Players then gain control of the Bulb Boy again after he's awakened by a nightmare. Before he can check on his grandfather he has to get rid of a spider blocking his doorway. The whole monster vs little boy theme feels like an Eastern take on The Binding of Isaac.

In the video, we see that Bulb Boy can do some pretty odd things, like for instance he can take off his head and use it to examine places he can't usually get to. Like many other new-school adventure games -- especially those produced by Telltale Games -- all of the solutions and items you need to solve a problem are in the rooms where you're seemingly trapped.

For instance, in order to get out of his bedroom, Bulb Boy needs to feed a spider until he makes it explode. So players have to use a dust brush to grab a centipede under the bed, electrocute a fly, and pick up a bug from out of his drawer to feed the spider.

Bulb Boy as a game may be a point-and-click game but it's pretty morbid with a very dark sense of humor. One of the more inventive parts of the game sees Bulb Boy taking off his head and throwing it onto the chandeliers on the ceiling. Players then have to platform from one chandelier to the next in order to get to the other side.

It's hard to draw any comparisons to other games because it's sort of its own thing. It's nowhere near as macabre as Limbo, but it's certainly not as lighthearted as something such as Grim Fandango or Day of the Tentacle.

Bulb Boy is currently available on the Nintendo Switch for only $8.99. It's a digital only title, but definitely something for those who enjoyed daringly dark tales like The Binding of Isaac.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.