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Psyonix has made a habit of giving gamers on certain platforms some exclusive content. Well, Nintendo Switch owners won't have to wait long before getting their hands on some exclusive Nintendo themed cars when the game launches this holiday season, including some liveries that gamers will definitely find very familiar.

The trailer is only a minute long, and it starts with the Rocket League logo and then it transforms giving gamers a look at Nintendo's classic item box, which ends up revealing a Mario and Luigi themed cars. The cars are known as the Mario NSR and the Luigi NSR.

The Mario and Luigi cars from Super Mario Bros. are not the only specialized vehicles added to this version of Rocket League. Psyonix also has a special Samus' Gunship vehicle based on the Metroid series' protagonist. The car is themed after Samus' iconic bounty hunter armor, with a lot of curves and sleek angles helping define the vehicle as a cool looking sports car. Heck, it almost looks like something out of SpyHunter or Tron: Legacy. In fact, it was tough for me to figure out what vehicle the trailer was initially going to unveil, but it looks like Psyonix really went out of the way to make something unique for Nintendo Switch owners looking to play Rocket League this upcoming holiday season.

What's more, is that the trailer reveals that these vehicles will be included in the base package for Nintendo Switch owners. You'll be able to unlock them simply by playing the game.

One thing you won't be able to do is play with PlayStation 4 owners. Sadly, Sony has blocked off access for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One owners to engage in cross-play with PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 4. Sony's reasons? Well, it's all about security... which is ironic given that the PlayStation Network was the one that was known for consistently going down, sometimes as frequently as once a month. The PlayStation Network also suffered one of the biggest data breaches in recent history.

Nevertheless, that shouldn't stop Switch owners from being excited about the new content set to arrive in Rocket League this holiday season, including some brand new customization items featuring Nintendo themed accessories. You'll be able to customize and deck out your car with.

The Samus Gunship will have a variety of colors based on Samus' Varia Suit alternates from the Metroid series, while the Super Mario vehicles will be assigned to the two different teams: Orange team members will play as the Mario NSR, while blue team members will play as the Luigi NSR.

The Samus Gunship will also have an exclusive "Wave Beam" rocket booster that players can use to show off their skill during a match.

According to the Rocket League website news post, all three vehicles can be unlocked in the game by completing specific tasks in the game. More details about Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch will be unveiled leading up to the game's release on Nintendo's system.

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