New Injustice 2 Patch Fixes The Problems In The Old Injustice 2 Patch

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If you've been terrified to play Injustice 2 lately out of fear of losing gear, NetherRealm Studios has launched a fresh patch that should address the issue. But while it looks like the update fixes the problem, it doesn't appear deleted gear is being returned.

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The above tweet comes to us from the official Injustice 2 account where the team has announced the arrival of a patch on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that will "address the deletion of gear."

In Injustice 2, one of the big reward hooks that keeps players coming back for more are reward chests containing gear for the rather extensive roster of characters. The various bits of gear not only allow players to change the look of their roster but, in certain game modes, they alter the characters' stats or even available move set. They're a nice little collectible that's actually worth collecting, which is why having some of those items go missing was understandably angering for some players.

The game's previous patch, 1.10, made it so that certain pieces of gear had the chance of going missing from your inventory. NetherRealm responded quickly with this new patch addressing the issue, but it sadly only corrected the issue rather than reversing it. It was announced through the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment website that a possible fix was to reboot the game after installing the patch. Some players reported this process solved their issue, but not all.

This is obviously one of the risks you run with modern games, especially one that incorporates loot boxes that, yes, you can purchase separately for real-world money. If you lose gear you earned by playing the game, that's understandably frustrating. If, however, that gear came as the result of extra loot boxes you purchased with extra money, then we can definitely understand how the needle can shift from "frustrating" to "infuriating." You have, in essence, had something you spent money on taken from you.

We wouldn't be surprised if this issue develops a bit further. We're not going to try and tell WBIE or NetherRealm how to do their jobs, but this type of situation usually calls for a bit more than "thank you for your patience." Perhaps a few free loot boxes are in order for the community? And again, this isn't me looking for free handouts so much as compensation for the loss of items that were potentially purchased with cold, hard cash. The loot box system is already a shaky topic, so you don't really want to just leave something like this hanging.

Ryan Winslett

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