Far Cry 5 Is Strangely Upbeat In New Co-op Trailer

Ubisoft released a new trailer for Far Cry 5, covering the game's not-so-talked about drop-in, drop-out cooperative mode that will be available when the game launches in February next year. The trailer is fairly upbeat by showcasing all of the ways that you and a friend will be able to blow people away in the online co-op.

The trailer was posted up over on the Ubisoft YouTube channel after airing during the Sony Paris Games Week media conference. The trailer keeps it light and snappy, juxtaposing some overt violence with some cheery music.

The trailer starts by giving gamers a brief overview of Hope County, Montana. We see wildlife by the lake, a small dirt road leading into town, and a truck sitting by a trail off the side of a wind-brushed pasture. That's when things finally kick into gear. Some small texts pop up on the screen as one friend messages another and the two decide to blow crap up in Far Cry 5... together!

From here we get the uplifting tune of The Turtles' "Happy Together" as we see two players working together to dismantle the Montana cult of Hope County from the inside out. Not only that but the cheery music is accompanied by some grizzly acts of violence, including using planes to rain down terror on the cultists, or blowing up their compounds by rigging tankers to explode. One of the more startling images was a player sneaking up behind another guy and setting fire to him with an explosive, causing the man go up in flames.

Of course, it's not all about the bullets and bombs in Far Cry 5's co-op mode. Players can also commandeer vehicles and go trekking through the mountains, or hunting animals in the forests.

Ubisoft also revealed in the press release that all the co-op mission experience and progress carries back into your single-player game, so you don't have to worry about having a separate game for the single-player or the multiplayer.

Ubisoft also explained that players who join others in the co-op mode will be using their own custom avatar that they create at the beginning of the game. The co-op is utilized through the "Friends For Hire" service in game, which is one of the three different types of companion recruitment you can use in the game.

The other two forms of recruitment in Far Cry 5 includes "Fangs For Hire" where you can recruit animals to help aid you during your attempts to reclaim Hope County from the Eden's Gate cult, or you can use the "Guns For Hire" service to recruit an NPC mercenary to help aid you in your fight for freedom.

The game is due to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting Ferbaury 27th, 2018 next year.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.