Overwatch's New Hero Is Now Available Leading Into Free Weekend

Overwatch Moira
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One of the new heroes in Overwatch is the hybrid-class Moira. She was introduced during the BlizzCon event this year and joined in on a bevy of other announcements that rolled out of Blizzard during the conference. Well, you'll be able to play as Moira for free during the free weekend for Overwatch.

Polygon is reporting that the free weekend is not only being accompanied by the presence of the new character Moira, but there was also an update for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game.

As noted in the article, Moira was announced just two weeks ago and was added to the PTR for Overwatch last week, on November 6th, where gamers offered feedback and suggestions to the development team before being rolled out for the general public. However, the roll out happened way sooner than anyone expected.

She will be playable for free along with the rest of the cast of heroes in Overwatch over the course of the weekend.

Moira is a very different kind of hero compared to the other characters, insofar that she doesn't have a traditional class role. She has two.

You can use her to either heal her teammates or destroy her opponents. She definitely looks like and plays like a villain, which fits into her backstory quite well thanks to her association with the other baddies in the game like Reaper and Sombra.

As a DPS/healer you can use Moira either defensively or offensively. As a defense character you can stay back and heal up a single teammate using Moira's healing abilities. Having Moira and Mercy on a team could prove to be extremely useful, given that Mercy could give the team more direct heals while Moira could provide off-heals during those clutch moments.

Offensively, you can use Moira more as a support-DPS who can whittle down an opponent's HP rapidly while they take damage from another long range (or mid-range) character like Hanzo, McCree or Widowmaker.

I imagine that Moira will be quite popular in Overwatch matches where players will have to multi-role during those intense eSports tournaments.

Right now we have no idea how popular she will end up being or if she will end up being one of the least used characters. Gamers will be able to get a taste of the character during this weekend's free play-test.

During this first week of her availability, however, you won't be able to play her in the ranked matches, so, for now, you can just use that time to familiarize yourself with her abilities, play-style and her role on the battlefield. Some characters in Overwatch require a lot of adjustments in order to be effective, sort of like Sombra, who was thought to be weak but actually turned out to be an extremely effective and powerful character when put in the right hands. I'm sure we'll get a pretty good idea from the core community as to how well she plays out when the rest of Blizzard's community gets their hands on her during the weekend test.

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