Street Fighter 2's Ridiculous Minigame Is Now Available For VR

Street Fighter 2 VR Mini-Game
(Image credit: Capcom)

One of the most iconic mini-games in the history of video games is Capcom's Street Fighter II mini-game that takes place in between arcade matches where one or two players are able to duke it out in a bonus round to beat the crap out of a car while the timer counts down. Well, you'll be able to play that very same mini-game for the first time in VR.

IGN is reporting that during this past weekend's Capcom Pro Tour eSports event taking place in Boston, Massachusetts, gamers have been granted the opportunity to participate in a VR mini-game exercise of muscles and mettle, as gamers will test their strength against a VR rendition of the pixelated luxury town car from the original Street Fighter II bonus mini-game that debuted with the one-on-one fighting game back in the early 1990s.

According to the article, gamers headed over to a section of the Red Bull Battlegrounds sponsored area featuring Valve's HTC Vive virtual reality headset and a controller setup where gamers would use their fist and feet to pound away at the car.

The VR mini-game accompanied the eSports tournament that surrounded the whole event as part of the ongoing Capcom Pro Tour. IGN noted that the vehicle -- despite being presented in virtual reality -- was not actually rendered using a 3D art-style. Instead, Capcom opted to have the car represented in the same 2D imagery that the game featured back in the 1990s.

The original mini-game saw one or two players in a small area with a car in the middle of the screen. Players would then use combos, special moves and other attacks in order to completely destroy the car before time ran out. There were a couple of characters who could effectively cheat their way through the bonus round, such as E. Honda and Chun-Li because the two had rapid attacks that could be spammed to quickly and easily damage the car. It was a little bit difficult for other characters like Sagat, Ryu or Ken to damage the car properly since they lacked quick attacks. You usually had to get creative by spamming low kicks.

Despite the restrictions and the fact only two characters had a clear advantage in clearing the bonus round effectively in Street Fighter II, it was still one of the most popular and memorable moments from the Street Fighter series.

If you were in attendance at the event in Boston you would have had an opportunity to get in on the VR action of playing the old-school mode with new-school virtual reality technology.

If you happened to miss out on the event because you were busy partying, attending some other big event, or just not in the Boston area, you're fresh out of luck if you were hoping to get your hands on the mini-game to play within the comforts of your own home. According to the article, Capcom will not be releasing the VR mini-game demo from Street Fighter II for VR owners who have an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift.

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