Cards Against Humanity's Black Friday Stunt Is To Quit Making Cards Against Humanity


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One of the weirdest card games out there is called Cards Against Humanity. The irreverent board game was crowdfunded to huge success, but now the makers have decided to pull one of the oddest and most ridiculous stunts ever: apparently, the company no longer wants to make Cards Against Humanity.

The makers of the card game sent out a letter to the followers on the mailing list, telling them that during the Black Friday sales rush, instead of discounting Cards Against Humanity the company is now selling Prongles. The salty chips look like and are named after Pringles, but instead of having a smiling mustached man on the cylindrical can, there's a rowdy hog with an attitude.

The letter goes on to say that Cards Against Humanity is coming to an end and that the company is quitting the games industry. The letter also states that it's changing its name to the Prongles Corporation, where it will be selling the chips nationwide across various retailers, including Target.

If this is a joke it's a well played one because there are people posting images on social media of the ugly hog on the bottle of Prongles sitting on a store shelf.

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Not only are people able to buy Prongles for $3.00 per can, but social media has been scratching their head as to why the canisters of food are located in the toy section?

It started as a sort of April Fool's joke, but then morphed into something more when the CAH corp decided to reveal that Prongles are, apparently, a real thing.

And yet, it goes even further. The CAH website has been transformed and now has a horribly catchy theme song that sounds like it came out of a 1995 commercial that would air during Tiny Toon Adventures and it reveals that there are two flavors of the chips with more to come.


(Image credit: Prongle Corporation)

The whole thing is a bizarre mystery that the Prongles Corporation is attempting to de-mystify by blatantly saying that Prongles are a new thing and that Cards Against Humanity is now an old thing that is no more.

Right now it's hard to tell if this is legitimate or if CAH is just playing the long con on trolling. We've seen trolls go to extreme lengths in order to get the last laugh, even when it's not all that funny. Then again, last year the company also did something similar by digging holes in the ground.

Does this mean that Cards Against Humanity is gone for good? Are Prongles actually that great? Does this mean that 1990s animals with attitude are making a comeback? I mean, I guess we shouldn't be all that shocked given that Bubsy had a new game released this year, a hand-drawn 2D Sonic game came out this past summer, and now a hip, extreme-sports loving hog is on the package of a snack food made by the same company who makes card games. If someone from the 1990s was in a coma and woke up today, they would probably wonder why they're still in the 1990s.

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