Finn Is Coming To Star Wars Battlefront II And John Boyega Is Excited

While controversy still swirls in the background, Star Wars Battlefront II continues to march forward, with the first DLC heroes slated to arrive soon. One of those is the Stormtrooper with a heart of gold, Finn, and his real-world counterpart is more than a little excited about that fact.

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As you can see from John Boyega's recent tweet, he's pumped to see the Star Wars character he portrays, Finn, joining the cast of Battlefront II. While the game's single-player campaign only hinted at connections to the new film trilogy, the multiplayer arena is a different story entirely. Locations, battles, and characters from all Star Wars generations are accounted for, with more Heroes being added in the coming months.

While Rey and Kylo Ren already represent the new class as selectable heroes, Finn will soon be added to their ranks. In multiplayer modes, players can earn enough points to activate a hero of their choosing. So while most of the other players are running around as standard troops, occasionally you'll see Yoda or Darth Vader running out on to the battlefield, absolutely wrecking fools. There's also a mode for heroes only, where players run around in 4v4 matches unleashing all of their rad powers.

Heroes typically sport better stats, can withstand more damage and have a collection of abilities that can really turn the tide of a confrontation. Kylo can force push enemies and cause damage while Luke can lunge forward, swinging his lightsaber like a madman, for instance. It'll be interesting to see what abilities Finn gets, as they usually tie into the character's on-screen abilities or things you would expect them to do. Given how protective he is in the film, I wouldn't be surprised to see Finn sporting some sort of shield or heal ability.

As with many of the actors and characters in Battlefront II, Boyega voiced all of the various lines Finn will say while running around in the game world. His unbridled joy about that fact is pretty refreshing, especially considering the fact that this is one of the few positive stories to come out of the game over the past several weeks. Not going to rehash the whole mess here, but EA and DICE have gotten into some hot water recently in regards to the microtransactions, reward loops and progression system in Battlefront II. A lot of the issues have already been temporarily fixed, so you can go in expecting a pretty rad Star Wars game. But, again, we wouldn't fault anyone for holding out on a matter of principle. It's just a shame that an otherwise great game had to be bogged down by this kind of junk.

So amidst all of that negativity, Boyega's excitement for Finn joining the roster is definitely a nice change of pace.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.