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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

One of the latest games to take the mobile market by storm from Nintendo is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The mobile title is already cashing in on the holiday festivities by setting up the first season's major holiday event that runs from today up until just after Christmas.

Polygon is reporting that the first major seasonal event starts today on November 30th and runs all the way through Christmas. You'll have up until December 26th to get in on the festive action taking place within Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

So what do you do during the event? Well, much like other Animal Crossing outings you'll spend a good portion of your time fetching items and completing quests for the residents within the small town. You'll do so under the guise of being a pseudo Santa Claus, thanks to receiving a free Santa hat in your mailbox.

As you complete the tasks and help out the townsfolk, you'll earn candy canes, along with a new kind of crafting material that you can use in order to create brand new seasonal-themed furniture. What do you do with the furniture? Why, you use it to decorate your abode and pretty up your home so it looks fan-darn-tastic during the festive holiday season.

Other additional items you can acquire during the holiday event include an all new snowman, a bow tree, and the jingle fence. There will also be the availability of a full Santa outfit that can be acquired in one of two ways: from the Able Sisters, or by completing certain timed events to get the full suit.

There are a number of special items available, but only for a limited amount of time during the holiday seasonal event.

If you're unable to acquire the items through the timed quests, it's also possible to grab them from the cash shop as well.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the latest entry in the ongoing series that originally started way back during the N64 era during the turn of the century. It later made its way to the GameCube, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately the latest entry was not for the Nintendo Switch, the highly popular hybrid gaming console, but Nintendo did decide to service mobile users with the newest game.

If you're unfamiliar with the Animal Crossing series, it's centered around a variety of event-themed social scenarios and situations where players attempt to make friends with the characters around town by completing certain quests.

Even though Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hasn't been out for long, it's already become a fan favorite among many mobile game users. I imagine with the option to rack up some nifty new holiday themed furniture and outfits for characters, many more gamers will attempt to take a dive into the free-to-play mobile app.

You can join in on the festivities right now if you want by picking up a digital copy from the iTunes App Store. The holiday event will run from November 30th up until December 26th, so you'll have just under a month to acquire the new goodies.

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