Sea Of Thieves Is Having A Real Treasure Hunt

Sea of Thieves
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Microsoft and Rare are using Sea of Thieves to host a real life treasure hunt. It's a quest for a certain kind of item that you likely never would have expected to be a prize at the end of the journey, but it definitely keeps in tune with the Sea of Thieves motif.

Over on the official Xbox website the company announced that there's a quest for the golden banana hunt. A brief teaser trailer shows a blacksmith toiling away on a gold ingot, turning it into a fanciful collection of golden bananas. Yes, golden bananas.

The treasure hunt is set to get underway starting next week on March 19th. The theme around the real life Sea of Thieves hunt is that the golden bananas have been stolen and only an intrepid crew of sterling pirates will be able to track down the bananas and return them safely.

The real life treasure hunt will involve looking for clues starting March 19th. You'll need to gather your pirate crew starting at 1:00am Pacific Standard Time, and a new clue will appear every three to four hours over the course of three days. As you uncover the clues you'll need to answer riddles and solve 15 different puzzles. It almost sounds like one of the Riddler's challenge quests from the Batman: Arkham games.

As you complete the riddles and gather the clues you won't be able to submit your answers until all 15 of the puzzles have been released for the public. So you and your crew will need to keep those answers close to your chest until the puzzles have been completely released.

Once the puzzles are out and fully available after the three day event, you and your crew will need to submit the answers and your crew for entry into the contest. The fastest crew to submit all their answers in each region will then be invited to participate in the final "Ultimate Test," where each of the finalists will participate in the contest.

The team who comes out victorious will win the golden bananas as their prize. I don't know exactly how that will work, because I'm sure most people would be inclined to sell the golden bananas for a few thousand bucks, much like in the actual game Sea of Thieves!

In fact, there are quests in the game that see players having to retrieve bananas for the Merchant Alliance. The faction was just made available for a wide swath of gamers thanks to the final beta for the game, which happened to be an open beta, allowing thousands upon thousands of gamers to participate by downloading the free client and logging into the game either via Xbox One or Windows 10 on PC.

The Merchant Alliance is a faction that focuses on sending players all over the game world to collect items like bananas or chickens. In fact, the golden bananas quest in real life is based on one of the quests in the game. So, there's a little bit of life imitating art.

Sea of Thieves is set to launch one day after the golden banana treasure hunt gets underway, on March 20th, for Xbox One and Windows 10 on PC.

Will Usher

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