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Jeff Goldblum has become somewhat famous for his unique way of phrasing things, which is exactly why he should consider a career in video game voiceover work. To prove he's a natural, some folks convinced him to recite a handful of popular lines pulled from throughout gaming history.

Jeff Goldblum is, put simply, an American treasure. From The Fly to Jurassic Park, Independence Day to Thor: Ragnarok, he's been cast over the decades in a wide variety of roles including an obsessed scientist, a rebel scientist, a straight-laced scientist and even an eccentric galactic aristocrat. Yes, he's done it all.

No matter what role Goldblum takes on, though, he usually gets at least a line or two (if not an entire script) that lets him cut loose with his, aaah, personal, um, and unusual, yes, way of saying...well, there you have it...things.

The folks over at Unilad Gaming took advantage of that fact and had Goldblum take part in a fun game while doing a press tour for the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. They had him recite a bunch of famous lines from video games, which he was, of course, happy to do.

The whole shebang gets started with a rather lengthy takeout order from Grand Theft Auto: San Andres, followed by some vocal warmup exercises I genuinely hope are a part of the man's regular routine. It's the kind of thing that makes you wonder if he's truly this rad 24/7 or has "Jeff Goldblum" simply become an off-the-wall character he plays because people enjoy it so much. Our money, and hopes, are on the former.

Also in the mix are promotional bits like "EA Sports: It's in the Game," lines from Gears of War, Super Mario Bros. and even Metal Gear Solid. And before you ask the answer is, yes, we get a rather confused take of "all your base are belong to us."

The readings end with Goldblum saying he enjoys doing this type of thing, which we certainly hope is true considering how many folks are asking him to do similar things across all sorts of other mediums and the like. If nothing else, at least there's a big poster in the background for the new Jurassic World movie so he can at least feel like he's still kinda-sorta promoting his new film.

While Goldblum is always a treat to watch goof around, this has gotten us wondering what other famous folks would it be fun to see take video game dialogue for a spin. Or, even better, what famous lines from games were missing from the roundup that you'd like to see him say at some point? Feel free to add your hopes and dreams to the comments below.