One of the upcoming games being built out of the Amazon Game Studios was Breakaway. The eSports-oriented multiplayer action game was first brought onto the scene last year with its announcement. But, only months later, Amazon seems to be pulling the plug on the project.

One of the developers from Amazon Game Studios made a public post over on the official Breakaway sub-reddit, announcing an update that many eager fans fretted to read. What did the update say? Well, it starts by saying the team was taking feedback from the community to work on the next revision of Breakaway -- and obviously set gamers up for the hope of a highly awaited release -- but then it takes a quick downturn by revealing that the game isn't fulfilling the quality standards set by the team leads.

In spite of the setbacks, hurdles and roadblocks, the developers at Amazon Game Studios decided to focus on "new ideas," and decided to shutter the efforts on active development for Breakaway.

However, this is not the end of the road for the game (not entirely, anyway). The team noted that the work put into the project made them feel proud, and that the community support surrounding the game was "enthusiastic," hence if there is a "thunderbolt of inspiration" that manages to strike the creative core of the development leads, it's possible that production on the game could pick up once more and that the Reddit community would be the first to know.

For now, Breakaway is a done deal and it won't be releasing.

The game was originally rolled out to the public in small spurts, mostly through game shows and conventions like PAX. CinemaBlend's own Dirk Libby managed to get his hands on an early version of the game, describing it as an action-sports title that combines soccer with a MOBA title; think League of Legends meets Rocket League.

The game was supposed to be the marriage between arena-based team deathmatch, and stadium-oriented action-sports. We've seen some games like this in the past, like Rocket Jockey or the Bombing Run from Unreal Championship, so it's no surprise that Amazon Game Studios thought to bring back this concept in an updated way, taking a little bit of this and a little bit of that from current day MOBAs and PvP games in order to flesh out an experience around the action-sports title.

However, shortly after introducing the press to Breakaway, Amazon Game Studios decided to overhaul the experience, just a month later. In fact, during the alpha test, Amazon decided to overhaul the game from what was originally presented to game journalists and content creators at PAX West.

The alpha overhaul took place back in October, 2017, and it required the team to make some severe changes under the hood. However, it didn't seem to go over so well, and months later Amazon decided to pull the plug on Breakaway's development.

It appears Amazon will continue to work on new projects, but it certainly won't be Breakaway... not for now, at least.

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