Final Fantasy XV Details Four New DLC Packs

Final Fantasy XV
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The news about Final Fantasy XV just keeps rolling in. The next big announcement that Square Enix made for the game came courtesy of a PAX East panel in Boston, Massachusetts, where the company announced that there are four brand new DLC packs in the works for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The info from the panel at PAX East (via Polygon), is that shortly after launching Final Fantasy XV on PC for Steam and Windows 10, there are plans to release two more major updates for the Comrades multiplayer expansion pack on both home consoles and PC, as well as launch four brand new DLC packs for the game.

The four DLC packs are scheduled to release in 2019, starting with Episode 1: Ardyn, which follows the disgraced savior of mankind. The episode is called "The Conflict of the Sage" and centers around the growing resentment that Ardyn picked up for the Lucian empire over the course of 2,000 years following his battle with the Astrals and his doomed role to absorb the Daemon from Eos as a forsaken hero.

The second episode is a side-story for Aranea, one of the more popular characters from Final Fantasy XV. She accompanied the boy band off and on throughout their adventure as a mercenary. She also helped Prompto escape from the Empire's factory after Ardyn brought him there to show where he had come from, and how he was actually born out of a tube like many of the other Imperial soldiers. Aranea aided Prompto during the battle against one of the bosses, but Ardyn still managed to capture Prompto again. Aranea's story follows Nilfheim's perspective on the Starscourge and how Aranea ended up on their bad side on the final day of the Empire.

Episode II: Lunafreya follows the sagacious Luna and her fate tied to the Lucean King. It sounds like this episode may take place after the events of Altissia. Spoiler warning: when the boy band reach Altissia to meet up with Lady Lunafreya, they encounter Imperial forces raiding the port just before the wedding is about to commence. As the battle breaks out, Luna and Noctis get into a battle with the Leviathan, which requires all of their power to defeat and "tame" the beast. Ardyn takes the opportunity to dispose of Luna, but her role in helping didn't end with her death. The episode states that even in death her fate is still tied to the Lucian King, which seems to hint at Luna's role during the 10 years where Noct was missing.

Episode III: Noctis is the final of the four episodes (or so we think) and it's called "The Final Strike". It supposedly will rewrite the ending of Final Fantasy XV insofar that Noct will engage in a final battle in order to secure a future for his people. It sounds like an alternate take on the extremely depressing ending that originally shipped with the game back in 2016, as Polygon notes that it features a "grand alternate finale", which I assume will be Hajime Tabata's way of bringing a "happy ending" to the game that so many fans complained about in the original outing.

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