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Darth Maul Star Wars: Battlefront II

In case you haven't noticed all of the "May the Fourth" comments and memes whizzing through the internet heading into the weekend, it's officially Star Wars Day. As such, pretty much all digital games marketplaces are celebrating with discounts an all things tied to The Force.

If you're a Star Wars fan but your Force-infused games library is lacking, then you'll want to hop onto your digital retailer of choice and take a gander at the discounts being offered this weekend. Whether you're gaming with Xbox, PlayStation, Steam or Gog, there's enough here to keep any scruffy nerf herder busy for quite some time.

Over on the Xbox Marketplace, Microsoft is hosting a "May the 4th Be With You" sale of discounts up to 50 percent off of games on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. What's confusing about that statement is that Star Wars: Battlefront II is actually marked down by 60 percent, but everything else comes in at no more than half off. That includes a whole slew of LEGO Star Wars games and DLC, as well as Star Wars-themed tables for Pinball FX 3. Similar offerings are available on the Xbox 360, along with The Force Unleashed, Clone Wars: Republic of Heroes and Knights of the Old Republic.

The selection is a bit more extensive on the PlayStation front, primarily because we're dealing with more platforms. Pretty much everything included in the Xbox sale is accounted for, alongside games like the Battlefront titles for PSP and the updated version of Star Wars Bounty Hunter. Even Dark Forces is up for grabs at a discount, alongside Super Star Wars and Star Wars: Racer Revenge.

The Steam Star Wars library is even more varied, including games like X-Wing and Tie Fighter for 60 percent off. Rebel Assault I+II can be yours for 60 percent off, with Shadows of the Empire marked down by 66 percent. You'll find the usual mix of LEGO, pinball and FPS Star Wars content in the mix, but the real draw here are the collections. You can get pretty much all of the games for 72 percent off, or $76.16 grand total. There's also a collection for "Classic" games, the X-Wing series and the Jedi Knight collection.

Finally, over on GOG, they've got their own sale running for the next four days that marks Star Wars games down by up to 66 percent. They've got a bunch of the same games, as well as titles like Battlefront II (2005), Empire at War and the Galactic Battlegrounds saga.

If you're an OG fan looking to fill in holes in your collection or a recent convert looking to flesh out your knowledge of all things Star Wars, there's a lot on offer here for pretty much every type of fan. If you happen to notice an especially attractive discounted game while weeding through the offerings, be sure to mention it in the comments below.