You Can Now Play Xbox With Your American Girl Doll

Xbox Gaming Set
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American Girl has been around for decades, and the company has focused almost exclusively on dolls aimed at little girls. Well, the latest offerings from the company steps out of the company's typical comfort zone and focuses on a brand new accessories set for the popular doll line from the company. The new set is based on none other than Microsoft's Xbox One line of gaming accessories, and you'll be able to pick up the set right now and accessorize your doll with an Xbox One S and a few other goodies.

The company recently announced that the American Girl Xbox Gaming Set is currently available over on the American Girl website. The set is available for $50, and it comes with everything required to deck out your doll with Xbox gear.

The set comes with a miniature Xbox One S, not an Xbox One or an Xbox One X, but the slimmer Xbox One S. Why? I don't exactly know, but most gamers presumed that the Xbox One S' white livery helps it stand out more and makes it harder to miss. This is likely true.

The Xbox One S also comes with a wireless plastic controller fitted for the dolls. It's a white controller to match the Xbox One S game console, and the dolls can actually hold it properly. To help bring the realism of gaming to the American Girl set, there's also a wireless headset, which can be placed atop the doll's head to give the impression they're engaged in some intense online multiplayer gaming and need to make full use of party chat to get the most out of their gaming session.

The set also comes with a purple chair so the doll can sit, and it's a gaming themed chair with an ergonomic design. The best part about it is that it's also fully functional. According to the description page and one of the user reviews, you will need to place batteries in the device and it will allow you to plug the chair into a 3.5mm jack and use it as a speaker for music playback from devices like a smartphone or tablet.

But, what good is a gaming set without games?

American Girl is already one step ahead of you. The Xbox Gaming Set comes with two projector discs. Now, here is where things get a little technical. The two fake games are called "Bloks" and "Dance," obviously themed after games like Minecraft and Roblox, or Dance, Dance Revolution or Ubisoft's Just Dance series. However, they aren't real games, but you can use them inside of the miniature Xbox One S console. While you can't play the games they can project up to 10 different images each, giving the impression that your doll is using the Xbox One S.

Once again, the user review notes that you will need batteries to power up the miniature Xbox One S console in order for it to project the images.

The website repeatedly makes it known that none of the accessories are real Xbox accessories, and that the Xbox One S home console is not a real console, the headset does not actually work, and the wireless controller is just a prop and not an actual Xbox One wireless controller.

You can grab the entire set from the American Girl store for $50.

Will Usher

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