Warframe Updates On PS4 With New Character, Customizable Controls, Trophies

Warframe on the PlayStation 4 is about to kick the ninja badassary up a notch or two as the team at Digital Extremes announces a handful of updates for the console port including a new playable character, customizable controls and some sweet, sweet trophy support.

A free-to-play multiplayer action game originally launched for the PC, Warframe places characters into the armored exoskeletons of space ninjas. Teams of up to four can cruise around the solar system on a quest to slice and dice baddies, pump bullets into bosses and collect loads of loot in order to upgrade their gear and weaponry. A third-person run-and-gun (or run-and-slice) affair, Warframe translates nicely onto a standard controller, meaning it’s a perfect fit for the PlayStation 4.

Launching with the PS4 last November, Warframe has continued to evolve and improve over the past few months with regular updates adding in a few tweaks here and there, extra playable Warframes and added stability. According to an announcement from Digital Extremes Associate Producer Pat Kudirka, however, one of the biggest updates to date has officially dropped, offering up a nice collection of enhancements for the trigger-happy robot ninjas gaming on Sony’s new home console.

“Update 11.5 is here and we have a ton of goodies in store,” Kudirka said. “Many of our players have been vocal on our forums about features they’d like to see in Warframe and the Lotus continues to listen. On top of 10 new weapons, weapon skins and level expansion sets in Update 11.5, we’ve included a brand new Warframe, fully customizable controls and, last but not least, Trophy support.”

Oberon is the new playable Warframe hailing from the Paladin class. A support character, Oberon can utilize his Renewal power to keep everyone in the fight or Smite the baddies to unleash instant damage. Kudirka calls Oberon “the perfect balance for players looking to aid in both healing and dishing out the pain.” Said awesomeness is on display in the profile video embedded below.

Also making the Update 11.5 checklist is customizable controls, meaning that players can now set up their Dualshock 4 to play however they like, a huge bonus for gamers who find the standard setup to be less than ideal.

Finally, and requiring no real explanation, Warframe now boasts full Trophy support, meaning you can grab 20 digital representations of you pseudo-accomplishments while playing the game. That's quite a lot for a game you don't have to put a single dime into in order to play it.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.