When Captain Spirit Will Appear In Life Is Strange 2

Chris dressed as Captain Spirit

The creators of Life is Strange 2 sort of primed the pump when they released a free game that was described as the "first steps" into the world of Life is Strange 2. When the first trailer for Life is Strange 2 finally came out, it revealed that players would be controlling an entirely different set of characters. So how and when will these stories come together? I asked Peter Fury, the Square Enix Communications Manager for Life is Strange that question, and he confirmed that The Awesome _Adventures of Captain Spirit_ takes place somewhere after the start of the new season and that Chris, the boy you controlled in that game will make an appearance down the road.

[Captain Spirit] does take place after the beginning of Life is Strange 2, a few months afterwards. It's definitely not a prequel. It's a story that is self contained but still in some ways connected. It does have some connections. You will see Captain Spirit in Life is Strange 2.

Having come out before any of the episodes of Life is Strange 2, it would have been easy to believe that The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit took place first. However, after having seen the first trailers for Life is Strange 2, as well as some gameplay, that's clearly not the case. I got to play a portion of Episode 1 of Life is Strange 2 at PAX West 2018, and the events in that demo clearly set Episode 1 at Halloween, while Captain Spirit takes place just before Christmas. While it's impossible to tell how much game there is between the beginning of the game and the meeting with Captain Spirit, two months of time chronologically will have passed.

This does make it clear that quite a lot of time will pass over the course of the new Life is Strange game. Chris, the boy pretending to be the superhero Captain Spirit, lives in a place called Beaver Creek, Oregon, while Sean and Daniel Diaz will be starting their journey in Washington. It will apparently take them two months to cover this ground, and considering that their ultimate destination is Mexico, they're certainly going to need some help if they don't want to spend the better part of a year walking through California.

Of course, this all still leaves an open question as to how these two stories will intermingle. Captain Spirit left some very provocative open questions and it would be a shame if they were not dealt with at some point. Will the Diaz brothers stop and spend time with Chris, or will they only help him out as they did and then move on?

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