Now that Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man is tearing up the sales charts and ripping through the review scores, one must imagine that other game publishers and development studios are looking over the superhero masterwork and thinking to themselves that they could pull off something similar with another hero of choice. Maybe it's time a few developers step up and attach their names to some notable superheroes who could use the Marvel's Spider-Man treatment of having an open-world outing? What other great comic book characters could shine in their own big video game outing? Here are a few ideas.


One of the most surprising Marvel Studios films is Ant-Man. It's a movie series that combines comedy with spy-thrills. One wouldn't immediately assume that a movie like Ant-Man could translate into a video game, but the concept of going on espionage missions while growing and shrinking in size could totally work. Now can you imagine an open-world game where you're Ant-Man or the Wasp and you have the ability to shrink down to microscopic size?

It would be a real challenge for developers to get the design right because you'd have to design a world that accommodates the microscopic sensibilities of Ant-Man's abilities, as well as allowing players to have fun making him grow to towering heights as well. The hook for the game would be that you can shrink down to size, beat up baddies, and grow large enough to stop vehicles or other villains. Traversal could be done using Wasp to fly around the city, which could make for some great exploration opportunities, both big and small.

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