This Walking Dead Season One 'Alternate Ending' Is Hilariously Badass

Even though there's a lot of sad news passing around regarding Telltale's sudden closure and the potential end of The Walking Dead: The Final Season with just two episodes, not everything coming from the layoffs has been dower. Yes, even though The Walking Dead: The Final Season may not see its entire season rolled out as scheduled, a former Telltale employee recently released an alternate ending for the original first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead starring Lee Everett. While some fans may still be mourning the sudden and unexpected closure of Telltale, there are a few laughs you can pick up from this hilarious video. Check it out.

The video comes from the Old Telltale Games Stuff YouTube channel, which has become a place to find clips of various Telltale material that never saw the light of day. The alternate ending clocks in at just three minutes, and it starts with Lee telling survivors Omid and Christa that he's "going for it" and that he just has to push his way through since he's already been bitten. He tells the others to grab a boat and he'll meet them outside of town after he retrieves Clementine. That's when things get nutty. Don Davis' theme for The Matrix kicks in (and the actual orchestrated theme song, not the famous "Spybreak" song from Propellerheads), and then Lee runs into the horde of Zombies, dropping his knives and using only his fists and feet to beat up the horde. He then takes half a severed zombie head, puts it on and parades through the horde while dancing until he runs and jumps off the heads of the zombies and lands on a car that dynamically flips in the air.

The whole thing is completely ridiculous, and according to a tweet from Jake Rodkin from Telltale, it was thrown together during the last week of production while they waited to see if there were any last minute bugs to deal with. Even still, parts of it might have been cool had they it into the full game. Lee kicking, punching, and clotheslining the zombies probably would have made for a great alternate ending for the game. Warning: spoilers ahead!

In the original ending for the first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead, Lee Everett bites the dust after being bitten by a zombie. There's an option to sever his arm or just let the infection run its course, but in either case, he dies. It could have been pretty neat seeing Lee go out fighting the zombies, though, going down while the horde takes him out, or literally going down fighting.

The actual ending that Telltale Games included was a lot more sentimental, with Lee getting to talk to Clementine one last time and helping her and the others get to safety while imparting on her some final words of wisdom (with the player choosing what those words are, of course).

The hilarity of the ending doesn't entirely absolve the sting of knowing that Telltale's ending came abruptly and to the detriment of both the actual game developers and the consumers (especially anyone who purchased the season pass). But on the upside, you can always come back and watch the alternate ending to put a smile on your face.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.