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Black Cat in Marvel's Spider-Man.

If you're starting to run out of things to do in Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4, you'll be happy to learn that the game's first (of three) DLC chapters is due out in just one week. "The Heist," starring former flame turned burglar, Black Cat, launches on Oct. 23.

Spider-Man launched a little over a month ago and, since then, the game has received tremendous success both in terms of sales and review scores. As Peter Parker, players have spent many an hour swinging through the city, fighting crime and going toe-to-toe with villains such as The Scorpion, Electro and Mister Negative. There are plenty of side quests to tackle and extra activities to enjoy but, at a certain point, the heavy action will be in the rearview mirror.

It's good, then, that Insomniac has a trio of extra tales to tell spread across three DLC chapters, with individual stories linking together in an arch the developer is calling "The City that Never Sleeps." The first of these chapters, The Heist, is due out next Tuesday alongside the regular weekly PlayStation Network update.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Insomniac Game Director Ryan Smith has given a brief outline of what players can expect from the upcoming DLC. For starters, it looks like Black Cat is responsible for a recent robbery at a New York art museum, forcing Spidey to track down the clever criminal. Smith notes that MJ is going to be pulled into the mix, which we can only assume means Peter Parker's former romance with Mrs. Cat is going to be something of a talking point. Since much of the game's fun is derived from following Parker's personal life when he's not fighting crime, this could make for some interesting, dramatic scenes.

On top of the new story missions, folks who pick up The Heist can also expect a brand new faction of baddies to bust, new crimes to track down and put an end to, new challenges to tackle and new PlayStation Trophies to unlock. Each DLC chapter will also boast a trio of new suits to unlock, with The Heist offering a brand new suit from illustrator Gabriele Dell'Otto, as well as the suit seen in Scarlet Spider II and the Spider-UK duds from the Spider-Verse.

If you'd rather take things one step at a time, you can pick up The Heist now (or any time after launch) for $9.99. The two remaining chapters will sell for 10 bucks a pop, too. You could also save about $5 by picking up the full DLC package, The City that Never Sleeps, for $24.99. Next week's DLC is basically a template for what you can expect out of the upcoming DLC bundles, including story missions, activities and, of course, new suits.