How To Get Spidey's Infinity War Suit In Marvel's Spider-Man On PS4

Spider-Man: Homecoming Iron Spider suit reveal

There are some spoilers ahead for both Infinity War (major) and the new PlayStation 4 exclusive action game, Marvel's Spider-Man (minor).

Marvel's Spider-Man is packed with unlockable costumes, but the one folks keep asking about is the Iron Spider getup from Avengers: Infinity War. Luckily, it's not that hard to track down. If you're looking to swing through the streets of New York while pretending that Thanos never showed up and did everybody so wrong, you can do exactly that in just a few easy steps.

The folks over at Gamespot are tracking down details on all of the in-game suits, but the Iron Spider seems to be one of the most popular. Thankfully, it's basically a timed unlock, so long as you have a few in-game resources handy. They state it's the 17th suit to become available in the game, which triggers at about the two-thirds point in the narrative. By then, you'll hopefully be at level 31, which is a prerequisite for unlocking the suit. Otherwise, you'll need to have just four Crime Tokens, three Base Tokens and three Challenge Tokens. If you're willing to part with those, then the suit can be yours. Easy, right?

Before Thanos shows up in Infinity War and Peter Parker starts acting like the lyrics to a popular Kansas song, the teenage wall-crawler gets to spend about a day donning a new, badass suit developed by Tony Stark. It's called the Iron Spider and, on top of boasting a shiny design, it has a set of retractable spider legs that help Parker out of trouble. The legs lend a hand in fighting, keeping Spider from getting sucked out a door into space and even as a sort of protective cage when falling.

In the game, the suit looks just as rad as it does in the movie and, yep, those cool legs are present and accounted for. All of Spider-Man's suits have special abilities in the game, and the Iron Spider suit's legs grant Parker an edge in combat. When work, he can attack more enemies at once and even break through tough defenses.

All told, the game sports 27 suits for players to unlock, which is kind of a big deal for fans of the characters. Additional suits will be made available with each of the three upcoming DLC chapters, which means Spider-Man's wardrobe is going to start to rival even that of Tony Stark.

What's cool about all of these suits is that they aren't just a bunch of variants on the blue and red outfit most fans are familiar with. I mean, yeah, those are in there; but you'll also have access to great suits from the Spiderverse such as the Noir suit, the suit from Secret War, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Punk and even Spider-Man 2099. Again, all of the suits have their own perks, meaning you'll want to collect as many as possible when you're not too busy saving the city from a horde of animal-themed super-villains.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.