A Black Ops 4 Glitch People Keep Getting Banned For

A soldier with a flamethrower in Black Ops 4.

If you've spotted a player in Call of Duty: _Black Ops 4 Multiplayer moving at a hundred miles per hour while crouching, you're not going crazy. Those are certain players taking advantage of a game glitch, which could very well get them banned from the game. In a recent announcement, the _Black Ops team clarified their penalties for gamers taking advantage of glitches such as these, and they can be pretty severe for repeat offenders.

Modern online games are expected to have few glitches popping up from time to time, with some of them granting players an extreme edge over the competition. Since Black Ops 4 is a highly competitive game, Treyarch wants players to know that utilizing those types of glitches is a practice that will not be tolerated.

The first major issue to pop up in their latest Multiplayer mode is a pretty odd one, allowing players to stay low and seemingly move at the speed of light. The process that goes into taking advantage of this particular glitch is pretty involved, so I'm kind of baffled how anyone discovered it in the first place.

You have to create a very specific class to get the ball rolling, then drop in and out of some custom matches, then equip specific gear, along with jumping through a few extra hoops on the way. The end result allows players to stack Perks in Multiplayer matches to get additional bonuses.

The one that everyone has been using is called Skulker, which allows players to move around more quickly while crouching or prone. That speed is compounded if you take advantage of the glitch, stacking extra copies of the Perk, meaning you can move insanely fast and low to the ground.

It might be fun to use, but the end result is pretty serious for those who get legitimately reported for taking advantage of this glitch. Over on the Black Ops reddit, penalties for first-time and repeat offenders are highlighted.

For the first offense, offending players will be temporarily suspended from playing the game online. As well, elements like stats, Emblems and Paintjobs will be reset. Online splitscreen will no longer be available, and names will be wiped from the leaderboards. If you get caught using the glitch multiple times, all of the above will take place again, and you'll be permanently suspended from online play.

That's a pretty severe response, but again, Treyarch is trying to create a fair and fun online community that doesn't reward cheaters. Since the steps to activate the glitch are so convoluted and obvious, it's not like anyone can claim they "accidentally" triggered it on their account.

Finally, as noted in the post, these penalties are specifically outlined in the enforcement policy for Black Ops 4, which everyone has to agree to before playing the game. There's a section in there specifically describing anyone who abuses an exploit in the game's code, which this speed-skulking glitch would fall under.

The good news is that a fix for this glitch is expected to roll out in the coming days. Based on how quickly Treyarch has been updating Black Ops 4 so far, it's probably a safe bet the glitch will no longer be an issue sooner rather than later.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.