The Evil Within 2 Update May Make You Want Jump Back In For Halloween

The Evil Within 2
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Last year Tango Gameworks and Bethesda released The Evil Within 2 to resounding acclaim from gamers and solid review scores from critics. The game has been hailed as one of the better action-horror titles to come out in recent times, and if you've already given it a playthrough you might be inclined to jump back in thanks to the new Halloween update.

GearNuke is reporting that update 1.05 has released for The Evil Within 2, bringing with it some mysterious new content. The article originally didn't detail what the new content is, but notes that it has arrived in time for Halloween following the last big patch, which added the ability to play the game in a first-person mode, not too dissimilar from Capcom's Resident Evil 7, which was popular with VR enthusiasts. In an update at the bottom of the piece, however, we learn that the Halloween update adds new features for members.

The features include the ability to link your Bethesda.Net account to The Evil Within 2 and gain access to additional modes such as the AKUMU mode, along with additional cheats such as infinite stamina, super strength, and invincibility.

If you've already beaten the game but you're inclined to check it out again, you can register your Bethesda.Net account with the game and you will gain access to the exclusive content.

It's an interesting way of luring gamers into making a Bethesda.Net account, with the promise of getting your hands on the new content. The AKUMU mode was featured in the original Evil Within, but it's been considered extremely difficult, because you can die from just one hit from an enemy.

The game was already considered to be quite difficult, so adding an extra layer of difficulty to an already difficult game will give you a lot of extra replayability.

The game basically took the Resident Evil concept and then added more of a psychological sci-fi twist to the whole affair. Also, unlike Resident Evil, Tango Gameworks decided to focus The Evil Within on its namesake, keeping the plot themed primarily around a personal matter involving the main character. So, if you were looking for a truly story-driven, plot-heavy game, it's definitely present in The Evil Within 2.

Of course, if you just want to shoot things and not get eaten by crazy looking monsters that will give you nightmares, The Evil Within 2 also provides that kind of experience in spades. The boss fights in the game are also on a whole other level compared to most other games, and the creature designs are just crazy scary.

Basically, if you already own the game you can give it a go by connecting your Bethesda.Net account and checking out the AKUMU mode, or if you've never played the game before but you wanted something spooky to do for Halloween, you can still check out the game now that the latest update has gone live. You can grab a copy of The Evil Within 2 right now for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC.

Will Usher

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