The Newest Batman: Arkham Game Rumor Actually Has Us Excited

It looks like a new Batman game could be in the works and, based on a recent tweet from Warner Bros. Games Montreal's Valerie Vezina, the Caped Crusader might be going toe-to-toe with The Court of Owls. Check it out below.

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Warner Bros. Montreal assistant producer Valerie Vezina took to Twitter recently to tease her team's current project. In the tweet, Double V is seen wearing a shirt boasting an owl design. Since her studio has long been rumored to be working on a new Batman game, it didn't take long for folks to connect the dots leading to one of the Dark Knight's more recent and yet super beloved villainous organizations, The Court of Owls.

The Tweet has the name of the game "redacted," but folks were quick to jump on the "OMG, Batman versus The Court" bandwagon. Given the studio's history and what seems to be a pretty straightforward tease, we can't blame them.

The Batman comics' Court of Owls

For starters, Warner Bros. Games Montreal made Batman: Arkham Origins. It filled the gap between Rocksteady Games' releases in the series and showed that the team knows how to handle a decent Batman story. Also, back in 2015, we know that the studio started staffing up for two unannounced games set within the DC Comics universe. That's where the rumors began that one of those games was a new Batman: Arkham game, especially since the series was still successful and Rocksteady had reportedly moved on to a new project, though apparently not the Superman game they were rumored to be working on.

Combine all of that with Vezina's tweet and you don't have to step too far into the realm of conspiracy theories to come to the conclusion that Warner Bros. Montreal is bringing The Court of Owls to a new Arkham game. Or maybe they're working on a standalone Court of Owls game, though that route seems far riskier when you've got so much goodwill already attached to the Arkham name.

For those unfamiliar with the Court of Owls, they're actually a relatively new addition to the Batman mythos, first appearing around the recent relaunch of the DC Comics universe. Unlike The Joker or The Penguin, the Court is less of a lone mastermind and more of a criminal conglomerate. The group is made up of extremely wealthy individuals who prefer to operate in secret and have been pulling the strings of Gotham from behind the scenes for a very long time.

That string pulling usually involves crime aplenty, which is why Batman isn't super happy with The Court or its members. Unfortunately for him, they've got untold wealth to burn on thwarting his best efforts and an army of followers to carry out their orders. In other words, they would be the perfect opposition to Batman in an Arkham game.

So what do you thin, Arkham fans? Would you like to see Batman take on The Court in an upcoming game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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