Watch A Fortnite Streamer Lose His Mind After Getting A $75,000 Donation

In the midst of one of his regular streams, popular Fortnite player Exotic Chaotic received a donation that seemed too good to be true. It was for $75,000, and it was apparently 100 percent legitimate. Watch an unedited clip of him discovering the gift below.

In the above video, Exotic Chaotic is in the middle of a Fortnite stream, dropping onto the map when he notices an animation pop up that lets him know he received a donation. It reads: "WTF!!!!! Dat Donation!," followed by the name KingMascot and a value of $75,000.

Exotic looks around at his various monitors, clearly confused, and then his hands leap to his mouth as the reality of the moment starts to settle in. "Is that r-," he shouts, presumably planning to finish with "-eal donation?"

From there, Exotic goes into a mad dash to check the chat feed and verify the payment is listed on his PayPal account. He shouts mostly detached statements of disbelief, which only leaves the people he is currently playing with in a state of confusion. It's actually kind of funny, as they clearly think Exotic is witnessing something new and exciting on the Fortnite map. Epic Games has become known for having live, random events occur in their popular battle royale game, so it makes sense that's what Exotic's teammates would assume.

As Exotic confirms his donation, he starts running around the room, celebrating. This goes on for a while, with the streamer occasionally asking the obvious question, "But why?"

As it turns out, the folks over at Kotaku have gotten to the bottom of the matter, and it's actually a pretty uplifting story of one friend helping another out. The $75,000 donation, which appears to be the highest single contribution in Twitch history, came from user and fellow Fortnite streamer KingMascot, a friend of Exotic's who apparently made a fortune by investing early in Bitcoin and then went on to trade stocks.

Apparently, KingMascot had been planning to make the mega-donation for a while, but it was something he actually had to work out with PayPal to get organized, presumably due to its sheer size. Once everything was given the green light, KingMascot decided to make his donation in early January, just after the holidays and perfectly timed to give Exotic and his family an amazing start to 2019.

Exotic, as it turns out, has a kid and a girlfriend who works full-time to, in his words, "support my career as a Fortnite streamer." He said he makes an alright living on his Twitch streaming, with earnings from tournaments to help supplement that figure. But life throws you curveballs sometimes. Exotic won $30,000 in Fortnite's recent Fall Skirmish, for instance, but he's a young guy with no credit and was apparently driving around in a clunker. As a result, a chunk of those earnings has gone toward getting him a new vehicle.

KingMascot, who has the means to "pay it forward," decided that he wanted to take the opportunity to help a fellow streamer out of a tight situation and give him some time to focus on growing his stream without worrying so much about making ends meet.

For his part, Exotic said he is very thankful and plans on making this contribution count by securing his son's future and repaying a girlfriend who believes in him.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.