WARNING: SPOILERS. It’s been about a week since Uncharted 4 was released onto PlayStation 4 consoles everywhere and for those who have finished the game, finished the entire series, they have been left with this conflicted feeling of satisfaction and the painful ache of wanting more. 

In an interview with Glixel, director Neil Druckmann described everything that was cut from the final version of Uncharted 4 and we’ve compiled a list of all of Druckmann’s quotes, thanks to GameSpot for compiling the original list. These are the three things I wish Naughty Dog and Sony wouldn’t have cut from the last installment of Uncharted. But as a warning, there are some serious spoilers ahead for Uncharted 4.
1. Shootable Handholds
Director Neil Druckmann mentioned that there was a mechanic in the game that got cut where you could shoot a hole in something and then use those holes to climb upwards. He said, 
The other mechanic that was pretty cool was shootable handholds. There were certain surfaces that if you shot at them, it would create holes, and you could use them to climb.

Just to have that kind of control over the environment and to make climbing accessible where you want it to be would’ve made gameplay so much more time-consuming, but in a good way. I’d be shooting walls all day. 
2. Cooking With Nathan Drake
Druckmann also noted that there was actually a point in the game where you could control, I’m assuming Nathan Drake, during a cooking scene, and how you made the meal actually affected gameplay. Druckmann said, 
There used to be a cooking sequence, where you were actually mixing in ingredients. You could make the food too spicy, and they would have different dialogue, depending on how spicy you made it.

Forget Bobby Flay, I’d spend an extra half-hour learning to cook with Nathan Drake any day. It’s too bad they took this part of the gameplay out, because I would’ve loved to see what kind of dialogue came out of an extra-spicy meal. 
3. Snowball Fight
There’s a part of the gameplay near the beginning of the game when Nate and his brother head to Scotland where it’s really cold and snowy. While you’d think the snow was interactive, it wasn’t. But apparently before it got axed, Nathan and his brother used to be able to throw snowballs at each other. Druckmann said,
This was actually fully working. You could pick up snow anywhere and throw it at Sam, and he would throw snowballs at you. But tonally, that just felt wrong.

Honestly, given the boys’ playful relationship and sarcastically jokester attitudes, I think it would’ve fit in just right. But that’s just me.  So while all three of these amazing items were cut from the final draft of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, it doesn’t mean we can’t still imagine what it would be like to still have them included. I mean, I dunno about you, but I’m still dreaming up cooking a spicy dish with Nathan Drake

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