Who misses old classics from the yesteryears of gaming? Who misses the golden-age gems that pushed the limits of interactivity, graphics and gameplay? I'm sure some of you even think about what it would be like to play some of these old classics on today's platforms.

After rummaging through the history files and seeking out a few good old games that have helped shape what gaming is today, I figured it would be pretty cool to list at least five games from around the early aughts that gamers desperately loved and would love to play again. I mean, there's a ton of people clamoring to replay the classic Halo campaigns from more than a decade ago, so here a few other games that could do with a makeover for today's generation of gaming.

Codename: Eagle
This game was the precursor to Battlefield 1942. Before DICE became what they are today, some of the members came from a Swedish-based outlet called Refraction Studios. Codename: Eagle was a mission-based, sandbox first-person shooter with a wide assortment of vehicles. Imagine a Battlefield game that was fused with Hitman and you have a decent idea of what Codename: Eagle was all about. Taking that old concept and giving it a visual makeover with the same mission-based, sandbox gameplay elements and you might be looking at a real winner.

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