Do you remember the commercials for Crash Bandicoot? A guy ran around in a Crash suit doing stupid things, and yet somehow I completely understood what was going on and what the message behind the commercial was: play Crash Bandicoot, of course! These are five of some of the most entertaining video game commercials from the earlier days.

1. Crash Bandicoot
If there’s one thing Crash Bandicoot is really good at, it’s being a snarky...jerk. In this commercial, Crash dances around in front of Nintendo headquarters, showing off TV’s displaying Crash Bandicoot gameplay. This hysterically illustrates the obvious rivalry between the two major video game companies, PlayStation and Nintendo. It’s funny when Crash makes the comment, “Your days are numbered!” to Nintendo when, in fact, Crash Bandicoots days were even more numbered. Now, Crash Bandicoot seems to have fallen into oblivion and Nintendo is releasing its own handheld console this year. Funny how things happen.

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