Every League Of Legends player has a short list of characters they don't want to face. These are champions they consider overpowered, frustrating or just plain annoying.

These six characters are some of the most commonly hated champions in the game. They can be beaten if you're skilled enough or playing the right counter. Even so, they're frequently a pain in the ass.

Riot recently published a feature on their website about Teemo's development with a very appropriate headline: "The Birth of Evil." Teemo is designed to be a pain in the ass. His stealth allows him to regularly get the drop on you. When you're facing him in lane, he'll slowly whittle away your health with poison darts and blind you so your attacks won't land. Your first impulse is to chase him down and smash him but that's exactly what he wants you to do. While you're pursuing him, you'll run into the exploding, invisible mushrooms he's placed in your path. His speed boost, meanwhile, ensures that he'll stay safely out of reach while he keeps punishing you with blow darts.

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