This week, Sony Pictures released a trailer for Pixels, an alien invasion flick in the same vein as Independence Day and War of the Worlds. However, unlike most extraterrestrial attacks, which are carried out by technologically advanced monsters or chrome-coated robots, Pixels' aliens are famous faces from our digital past.

Check it out:
The trailer is less than three-minutes long, but it's stocked to the rafters with classic video game characters, and we've scoured each frame to find every single retro gaming reference.

So, here are the eight classic video game characters who showed up in the Pixels trailer.

After the trailer delivers a bit of back story, the very first visual is Galaga's flagship, and a never-ending stream of enemies is pouring out of the vessel.

The flagship looks more ridged than the in-game version. In the video game, the galagas have flapping wings and can capture the player's ship using a tractor beam. But after destroying the offending flagship, the player's vessel is returned, which means that he has double the firepower.

It would be nice to see Pixels throw in a tractor beam sequence. Though, I suppose Adam Sandler would need to pilot a spaceship for that scene to work, and he doesn't strike me as a dude who has a lot of spaceflight experience.

Prove, me wrong, Sandler.

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