8-Year-Old Boy Shoots Grandmother In Head After Playing GTA IV

Police have surmised that the death of a 90-year-old woman at the hands of an eight-year-old boy due to a fatal gunshot wound to the head was due to the boy playing Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV. The boy had recently finished playing the game and then went over and picked up a loaded gun that was lying around in the house and shot the woman dead.

Sky News has an accurately slanted view on the story that leaves out a lot of key details but provides ample evidence suiting media agendas for crimes committed in association with video game violence.

According to the Sky report, the 90-year-old woman was slaughtered in Slaughter, Louisiana due to an increase in aggressive tendency from the eight-year-old after having played GTA IV, the open-world action-adventure game from 2008.

The report also states...

Sheriff's deputies have not revealed a motive but they pointed out the child was playing the video game before the fatal shooting.

The boy, according to a report from WAFB-TV, says that he accidentally shot the woman after spotting the gun and playing with it. Police and child psychologists believe it was a nefarious act committed in result of playing a violent video game.

In fact, child psychologist Kristopher Kaliebe states that access to violent video games like GTA IV will increase aggression, saying...

"From a behaviour therapy perspective, I would say that's practising."So if you have a video game where someone shoots at a target, that's sort of practising shooting at a target."When you have a video game that is shooting at a human being, that is practising shooting at a human being."

So by using this form of rudimentary logic: using guns in a game prepares you to use guns in real-life. Just like chopping down trees with an axe in real-life after watching the Friday the 13th movies prepares you to become a serial killing murderer, who likes to chop people up since that is what people do when they have an axe after watching a Friday the 13th movie.

Also, since George W. Bush nearly choked and died on a pretzel, apparently pretzel companies saw an assassination opportunity since choking can lead to death and George W. Bush choked on a pretzel.

Also, driving at high speeds is dangerous. Anyone who dies while driving at high speeds is subject to death since accidents can lead to death while driving at high speeds. Therefore, anyone driving at high speeds is a potential murderer if an accident occurs.

Anyway, according to the Louisiana state laws, the boy in this instance will not be charged with criminal responsibility since he is under the age of 10.

The boy is now back under the care of his parents.

No mention was made as to why he had access to a loaded gun with the safety off, or who the gun belonged to, but those details weren't part of the agenda in the original story.

For those interested in seeing just how violent Grand Theft Auto IV is, and how it can be used as a "murder simulator" (as postulated by some individuals) or that such games are the same as committing real-life murders, you can see one of the disturbing videos below. Warning, the video is only suitable for those over the age of 18.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.