Ace Attorney Film Has Epic Hair

A live-action movie based on the Ace Attorney film is currently in production over in Japan. A new set of cast photos reveal that, regardless of how good the film turns out to be, the hair stylists deserve a pat on the back.

In the film, Miles Edgeworth - prosecutor and rival of protagonist Phoenix Wright - is accused of a crime. It no doubt falls to Wright to prove him innocent. There's a case in the original Ace Attorney game with a similar premise that I assume is the basis for the movie. The cast photos from show some of the secondary characters from that case, like Larry Butz and Lotta Hart.

They put a lot of effort into recreating the hairstyles of all the characters. It draws attention away from the fact that not all of the cast members look like their video game counterparts. Detective Gumshoe, for example, is a bit on the young side.

Ace Attorney will be released in Japan in February.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.