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Remedy Entertainment, Nordic Games and Legacy Interactive will be teaming together to bring gamers the PC version of Alan Wake, at a retailer near you. Seems a little backwards given that retail PC gaming is dying, but hey, who am I to argue?

Steve Wall, Vice President of Legacy Interactive commented in the press release, saying...
“We are thrilled to be bringing such an iconic title to North American retail.” ... “I have been a longtime fan of Remedy’s work. Max Payne was a true masterpiece and Alan Wake follows in its footsteps as a brilliant feat of storytelling and innovative gameplay.”

It still seems a little weird that some PC games are heading to retail after successful digital launches. Nevertheless, the trend makes some bit of sense given that the digital sales are a decent way to thwart piracy and gives the developer time to improve and patch the game, while the retail rendition gives gamers who aren't online (or don't have broadband connections) a chance at playing the latest and greatest games. Also, most first-adopter pirates are already moving on to bigger and better things. Everyone wins.

Egil Strunke, Vice President at Nordic Games also shared his thoughts about the release, saying...
“Alan Wake is a great product and we are proud about being able to take it to the North American retail customers. In Legacy Interactive we have found a partner who will give the product the focus it deserves, and also ensure best possible market penetration for the PC retail versions,”

The retail PC version of Alan Wake comes jam packed with two pieces of downloadable content, including The Signal and The Writer. Additional graphic options and visual customization features are also present so PC gamers can make the most out of the light versus dark graphical presentation of the game, as well as take things a step further with stereoscopic 3D and multi-monitor support.

The game is scheduled to land on retail shelves for PC beginning April 3rd. Need more info? Feel free to visit Remedy Entertainment's Official Website.

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