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Aliens: Killing Floor Total Conversion Now Available For Free

Holy corroded metal from alien acid blood, Batman! This is one of the biggest mods ever for a game and it's now available...for free. The game clocks in at a modest 242 megabytes, or a quarter of a gigabyte for you new-school gamers, and packs a massive punch by delivering Aliens-themed zeds and all your favorite weapons from the sci-fi horror franchise.

Given that this kind of news is rocket busting and a bit bigger than what most gamers' brains can handle, the designers released a video gameplay trailer so you have an idea of what the mod looks like in action and you can check it out below.

Latest Gameplay Footage - Mod DB

Pretty impressive, yeah?

I'm shocked these guys managed to get their mod finished before Fox Interactive hit them with a cease & desist. That's some slick stuff right there, especially given the proximity of release to Gearbox and Sega's Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is due out for home consoles and PC this March.

If you wanted to experience the thrills of Aliens in an intense, survival-style atmosphere then you'll definitely get a kick out of Aliens: Killing Floor. You will, however, need a full working rendition of Killing Floor to make the mod work. Thankfully, Steam is always having sales for the game so it shouldn't be too tough to grab a copy for cheap sometime soon.

You can download the total conversion mod right now from ModDB while you ponder on the purchasing plan for Killing Floor.

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