Frictional Games has a weekend treat for horror game fans. They've released a trailer for Amnesia: Machine for Pigs, the successor to Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Machine is said to be set in the same universe as Descent but features different characters and in a different time period. The first part of the trailer is a fly-through of various environments, such as a factory and mansion. The video closes with a bit of in-game footage: the character hears someone or something smashing open a door. He then hides near a staircase as the intruder enters the room. We don't get to see who or what is approaching, but they're probably not friendly.

In the first Amnesia, players had to sneak through a castle filled with monsters. He had no weapons at his disposal so if spotted, the player simply has to run away from enemies. All the while, you have to keep your sanity level in check. Acts like staying in dark areas too long or staring at monsters will cause hallucinations and make it easier for monsters to find you. I'd imagine Machine follows the same basic gameplay formula.

The teaser trailer was released in order to commemorate Amnesia's inclusion in Humble Indie Bundle V. This collection of indie games, which was available for the past two weeks, earned over $5 million in sales.

"Initially we planned to do a teaser release if we reached a certain total payments goal... but before we had everything in place to do the event, any goal we had in mind was long passed," said Fractional.

Machine will be released this fall on the PC and Mac. That should give you - and me - plenty of time to try out the original. It's actually on my computer already but I plan to wait until I'm in a braver mood to tackle it. My threshold for video game scares is a bit low; the butler who follows Lara around in Tomb Raider 2's tutorial level freaked me out.

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