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An Overview of 20 Thumb Busting Mini-games

It's possible Thrillville just might establish itself as the party game to beat for the fall season. As Frontier Developments have loaded up their November 21 release for PS2, PSP and Xbox with more than 20 diverse mini-games not unlike those you might find along the midway at your local amusement park.

LucasArts recently made an announcement about the quirky, mini-game filled theme-park creator, Thrillville. David Walsh, the Managing Director at Frontier Developments composed these words regarding the upcoming title, "We wanted to re-create the feeling of the theme park, where there is just so much different stuff to do," He continued on to state that..."In addition to the building, riding and socialization aspects of the game, the way to achieve that was to pack in tons of different gameplay via mini-games. Further, we made sure that the whole thing hangs together really well - so there's always a reason for you to play that links back to the main game."

The mini-games, however, can also be accessed outside the main game’s facilities. A standard party-mode comes fully equipped with all the available mini-games for up to four-players to participate in. Some mini-games and parks, though, must be unlocked first. The associate producer at LucasArts, Dave Cerra, explained the following: "In order to gain your Uncle Mortimer's confidence and gain access to his other parks, you'll need to complete a certain amount of tasks, such as besting a challenger at certain minigames," He continued on to say, "For example, a kid named Tim Twinklefingers may start talking smack and challenge you to beat his score in a quirky, Japanese-inspired 2D platformer called Sparkle Island. If you're good enough, you'll take the next step toward advancing to the next park; if you're not, you might have to find another way."

Here’s a complete list of the mini-games that will be available in Thrillville:

• RC Wars: Smash, bash, destroy and conquer in remote-control CARnage!

• Saucer Sumo: Front up and shove until you're the last one standing in this frantic mechanized sumo-fest.

• Shooting Galleries: Ghoul Gunner, Star Sniper, Prospector Stakeout and Blackbeard's Booty. Use your supernatural combo skills, alien accuracy, gunslinger reflexes and piratical cunning, respectively, in these shooting galleries with a pick-up-assisted twist.

• Luftwaffe Air War: Win the battle for air superiority in this awesome WWII arcade vertical-scrolling shoot-'em-up.

• Event Horizon: The amazing side-scrolling arcade space shooter is an alien fragfest with weapons galore.

• Sparkle Island: Jump! Shoot! Rescue and protect the Feeyos from Uasgi-san's Mekagoo in this enthralling 2D platformer.

• Auto Sprint: Burn rubber in some motorsport arcade mayhem as you race for the finish line.

• Trojan Quest: Hack, slash and strategize through this top-down arcade battler.

• Mini Golf: Test your miniature-golf strokeplay on the ramps, jumps, obstacles and windmills of courses YOU design.

• Shootzones: The Haunting, Robot Invasion, Wild Frontier and Pirate Raiders. These four differently themed first-person shooters invite you to fight everything from ghouls and aliens to outlaws and pirates.

• Bumper Cars: It's "bump or be bumped" in Thrillville's ramjet-assisted take on this classic fairground attraction.

• Saucer Soccer: Show your soccer skills in Thrillville's frantic flying-saucer version of the world's most popular game.

• Trampolines: Spooky, Sci-Fi, Wild West and Adventure. Four unique trampoline settings require you to perform sick tricks and combos to secure the high score.

• Race Tracks: Go-Karts, Formula Thrillville, Monster Trucks, Dune Buggies and AntiGrav Racer Design race tracks for five differently themed vehicles: go-karts, high-performance cars, monster trucks, dune buggies and futuristic cars, respectively.

• Entertainer: Strut your funky stuff and hit the beat to pump up the Thrillville crowds.

• Groundskeeper: A frenetic race against the clock to BlowVac Thrillville clear of gunk.

• Mechanic: Link up the circuit boards, beat the clock, and keep Thrillville running smoothly.

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